Sunday, February 4, 2024

Sunday, February 4, 2024, MN

 The mild temperatures around here have gotten me outdoors a lot more this week and Joey and I have gotten some good walks in.  He does so well on the leash when I use the Easy Walk halter but he does not like it one bit. If he sees me with it in my hand, he will hide under the couch, so I have to be sneaky about getting it on him.  I don’t know if he knows that it restricts his want to tug on the leash or if he just doesn’t like having it out over his head.  Who knows?

I saw the ophthalmologist this week for a follow-up to my extreme dry eye issue that has continued for the last couple of years - I have lived with pretty constant irritation, especially if there is any air movement whatsoever.  His diagnosis - reduce screen time and try not taking antihistamines (been taking those daily for years too). So here I sit on my iPad - it’s going to be rough to cut my screen time in half. Or more.  The last three days, I have done well with it.

I cleaned at Ben and Jill’s on Thursday and the strength exercises and stretches that I started a few weeks ago is sure helping with that.  Advil also helps but I recovered more quickly this time - guess I better keep that up.

I took my car in for an oil change and battery replacement on Friday and also had them run a diagnostic test to see what was causing the noise I had been hearing.  Nothing was found and my car got a clean bill of health - maybe the sound was always there and I hadn’t paid attention to it. Who knows? 

These are my latest felting projects - valentines.  The hanging one is for Ben’s family and the frog for Pat and Tracey. I think he is adorable!

The sun is shining and I couldn’t spend another hour in this apartment, so I headed out for a drive along the rural back roads , heading for Monticello to see if I could spot some Trumpeter Swans.  I saw a few off in the distance at various lakes along the drive, three of them flew over my car, but there were none to be seen at Swan Park.  I guess there are plenty of other resources for them with the mild winter we have had.  Regardless, I enjoyed the drive and we got a nice walk in at a local park.