Sunday, April 28, 2024

Sunday, April 28, 2024, MN

 The days leading up to my birthday have been very good and I have stayed busy, getting nice walks in the morning to start my day out right. Friday was a bit rainy but it was a soft rain, so it didn’t keep me from walking.  It was also much needed rain and we are getting more of it today.

The exception to the ‘very good’ news is that Tracey will not be going home on the first of May but will be transferred to another facility for additional therapy.  She is still at the point where she needs two people to assist her in many tasks and needs to get where only one person can assist, but she has to be able to do most of the work herself. Her right side has to be strong enough to be able to support the left side that doesn’t work very well.  I was planning to go there on the 8th to help her at home but might just be going for another visit.

I met the family at Hola Arepa on Friday evening and had a lovely dinner and toasted my birthday with a margarita. They brought me a bouquet of gorgeous tulips and a diffuser with very pretty scent (because I told Ben that my new neighbor across the hall is a smoker and I can smell it every time I go out my door).  

Charlotte had very good news that she was quite proud of - she got a perfect score on the recent MCA test (the standard academics test used here) and her teacher told her she was the only child she has known to get a perfect score.  That kid will definitely go places in this world. And she has a sweet, kind heart to go with it.  

I got lots of birthday wishes in the form of cards, texts, and phone calls throughout the day. Like my son Pat said, my birthday feels like “yesterday” with the exception of all of the attention and good wishes.  I met up with Ben later in the afternoon to hang out, as all of his girls were at sleepovers and Jill had dinner plans with friends.  We went for a long walk through the Carver Regional Park and it was our lucky day for seeing wildlife.  We saw Great Blue Herons, a couple of Barred Owls, Trumpeter Swans, Turkeys, Osprey (one flew over us with a fish in its talons), and a few deer. Ben found several ticks on Yoshi - I didn’t find any on Joey - yet. 

We picked up Indian food from Bombay Pizza Kitchen and a bottle of wine for dinner. The Butter Masala pizza with chicken was very interesting and tasty and we had a Samosa to go with it.  I can’t say it’s my first Indian food, but it has been so long that I don’t remember what I ate previously.  It was full of flavor and a teeny bit of spice, but very tasty.