Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Wednesday, May 1, 2024, MN

 The days have been rainy, it is much needed around here but I am tired of the gray wet days and relief came yesterday with a perfect spring day. The tulips are in bloom everywhere right now and the flowing crabapple buds are starting to pop open. 

I met with a few people who are interested in the perennial gardens on the east side of our property last Friday and we agreed that Monday afternoons would be a good time to meet up and do projects in the garden. That didn’t happen this week, as it was pouring when 3:00 came around.

Charlotte’s 6th Grade Choir concert was last night and the band and orchestra also performed.  The kids have practiced a lot and did a great job.  Funny - there were too many kids on her row on the riser and they were grappling for space during the performance.  Charlotte is in the third row just above the director’s head and to the right of the dark haired boy. She actually had the space advantage at this point. Ha! 

I drove through sloppy, fairly heavy rain to get there but it had cleared when I had to drive back home.