Monday, July 1, 2024

Monday, July 1, 2024, MN

 Well…June sure flew by fast. We continue to have lots of rainy days and there is flooding of the Minnesota and Mississippi Rivers going on - road closures and homes and business buildings washing right into the river near Mankato.  All of that means that the tributaries feeding into them are flooding over their banks too.

We had an urgent resident’s meeting last Tuesdayand learned that our manager, Ronnie, is leaving us for better opportunities. My opinion is that she has been overworked and underpaid - no wonder she didn’t make it for a year.  First of all, she came into a mess left by the previous manager, much of it due to damage from a lightening strike last May.  Our electronic access panel has been out since then and the rumor is that it will be replaced in August. We shall see.  Anyway, Ronnie is a lovely person who always has a smile on her face and despite how she is treated by some - she is fair and kind and patient with everyone. I will miss her.

I’ve talked about the strange culture here in this building and I just don’t get it - residents expect the staff to do what I would call unreasonable above and beyond tasks - like helping them to get funding for false teeth or helping them to get a refund for a computer that they couldn’t get to work. We do have a service coordinator staff person, but I’m not sure if those are within her job duties.   I just see this as an apartment building and staff is responsible for keeping the building in good order and the apartments filled.

I heard from Carol this week and she and Richard invited me to join them at their place in Mass City, MI this week.  I accepted their invite and will head out on Wednesday with a stop to visit Jim and Sue in St Germain on the way. It will be nice to see them all and to take another road trip (that isn’t going to Stoughton).

Joey got a much needed haircut yesterday and he is such a good and cooperative dog - just gets better all of the time and the job gets easier and doesn’t take as long either. We wrapped it up in less than an hour this time.

There was some telepathy going on yesterday. As I was having a cinnamon roll for breakfast, I thought of Aunt Eleanor who made the best ones on Sunday morning and that was always a nice time to go visit them. I sent off a quick text to Jonnie. In a conversation with Bob later on, he mentioned a conversation that he had with Jonnie at the family reunion and shortly after I hung up with him - Jonnie called wanting Bob’s phone number so she could follow up on their conversation. Strange - I do see a connection there.

I had a couple of drinks with Joann and Elaine in the afternoon - it’s been a long time and we spent a lot of our visit talking about the presidential debate that was held on Thursday. Neither candidate performed well - Joe Biden really showing his age of 81 years and stumbling and fumbling for words and Donald Trump showing his usual avoidance of answering the questions presented, telling lies, and placing blame on Biden for all that is wrong with our country.  I feel that I am just going to have to vote for the party that I believe in and against Donald Trump - no matter what. I still feel that Joe Biden is capable of continuing his leadership of the country, although his physical stamina is a bit shaky and his performance at the debate was not good - the facts that he presented were truthful and accurate regarding what he has accomplished.