Thursday, October 3, 2013

October 1 - 6, 2013 - AZ

Thursday, October 3.  This week has been full of appointments for annual checkups starting with mammogram, chest xray, and bone density tests on Tuesday and then it was Frisco's turn on Wednesday.  It will be a while before I hear the results of these tests but I heard back from my doctor on the tests that she ran last week and all is looking good for me.  Frisco is in great health - I do have to work harder on keeping his teeth clean and cutting his nails shorter (she advised using a coarse nail file and doing it every week).

I worked on pulling a couple of panels away from the wall so the plumbers could get access to the pipes that run  to the showers.  I was successful without doing any damage that can't be covered up with some filler and paint.

I have come up with a solution for someone to keep Frisco when I go back to San Francisco next month to help out with the Charlotte and the twins.  Pat and Roger have agreed to stay at my house while I am gone - I think this will be a win-win for all of us - they can have more room to spread out (instead of their motorhome) and Frisco will be comfortable at his own home and with folks that he knows too.  Thanks friends!  It looks like I will be gone from November 4 - December 13.

ELS (the company that owns our community) offers a bus to various events if there are more than 5 people signed up to go to the event.  Last night I went with 8 other folks from here to see the ASU Symphony Orchestra at the Gammage Auditorium in Tempe.  The theater is beautiful and we had perfect seats.  The show was delightful, as it was conducted by Timothy Russell who has been the Professor of Music at ASU for 21 years.  They played pieces from Brahms and Tchaikovsky.  What a great evening!

 Friday, October 4.  Happy Birthday to my sweet brother Bob.  We had a great phone conversation this morning - its always so nice to chat with him.

The plumbers, Larry, Tim and Tim's 15-year old son Brandon (the apprentice's apprentice) showed up at 7:00 this morning and got right to work.  Larry showed me one of the 1/2" cold water pipes that was removed  and it was so corroded on the inside that you couldn't see any light through it.  It is amazing that any water was able to flow through at all.  I was having second thoughts about spending the money on this project but after seeing those plugged up pipes - there was no question that this is going to make a big difference.  It is now mid-afternoon and they are making great progress - all of the pipes under the house are in position and the kitchen and bathroom sinks are done.

I have water! And plenty if of it.  My shower before bed was just so enjoyable.  And here we thought ithe problem was because of low pressure coming into the community - not.  It is comforting to know that I shouldn't have any plumbing issues as long as I'm in this house.  GOOD NIGHT!

Saturday, October 5.  Connie informed me of a very nice estate sale down the street from us, so I met her at 7:00 this morning and we headed off.  Yes, I bought some books, some beautiful unopened Christmas wrapping paper, and later this afternoon when they marked down the prices, a table for my grill for $5.  It was another sad story - the lady recently lost almost all of her eyesight, waking up one day with no vision in one eye and she is very quickly losing her vision in the other eye - meaning she will need assistance and will be unable to live independently any more.  

I was quite surprised this afternoon when I grabbed the mail from the mailbox and there were 2 checks in it totaling about $80 - both from ATT Mobility, the result of a class action to refund incorrect or excess service charges.  What a pleasant surprise!

I worked on putting paneling back up where it had to be taken down for access to the pipes - one panel in my computer/guest room and the other in a closet.  Needless to say, it was a pain in the neck but I got them back - now I have to plug holes and touch up the boo boos with paint.

Allan and Sharon invited me to join them this evening, so after I made them dinner, we headed off to the Tempe Center for the Arts where we saw an exhibit of the International Guild of Realism  We met and had a chat with Marsha Chandler and her painting was titled Candy Kaleidoscope.  She had a very strong accent (from Geogia) and  told us that she loves working with silver and glass because of the many reflections and she likes to really challenge herself.  A very friendly and talkative gal.  Many of the artists had traveling from far away and there were also many local artists including a fellow pastel artist and friend of theirs, Karen Budan.  Her painting didn't earn a reward but was sold.  Unfortunately, she has learned that she under priced and she could have gotten 3 times the amount - had she known.  Still, it was very exciting for her to have sold a piece at this international show.  A very enjoyable evening with friends - it has been a week with 2 cultural events for me - very nice!

Sunday, September 6.  I got busy patching up holes and touching up paint on the panel that was removed for access to the bathtub plumbing.  While doing that, I got sidetracked several times and installed a new towel bar in one of the bathrooms, watered plants outside, had a conversation with Pat, put air in my bike tires, and later on a Skype with Ben and his family.  Tomorrow is the big day and Jill learned that both babies are in the right position - lets hope that they stay that way.  I just can't wait to see pictures, learn their names and be satisfied that they are healthy little girls and they and Mom are doing well.  Our lives will never be the same!