Wednesday, October 16, 2013

October 14 - 20, 2013 - AZ

Tuesday, October 15.  I had a great Skype conversation with Ben this morning and got to see Charlotte and the twins who were both sleeping together on the sofa.  Ben told me that it had been a rough week for them (3 trips to see doctors since getting home from the hospital last Wednesday) but he felt that they finally reached a turning point as far as getting the twins to nurse or to drink from a bottle.  Camille hasn't been a problem but Norah needed lots of coaxing.  They didn't seem interested, only wanting to sleep, and Mom and Dad were concerned that they weren't getting the nutrition they needed.  The lactation specialist that they saw on Sunday told them to not worry about the amount of food they were getting but to let them stop when they were ready to stop - they would only take what they wanted.  They will catch on and become hungry.  They are gaining weight and doing well.

Yesterday, I changed out my bedroom drapes, hemmed the new ones.  I just got tired of the dark and gloomy bedding and drapes that I had.  Today I made pillow shams that matched the drapes and I also went shopping for a new duvet cover.  I have looked online and at several stores and just couldn't find what I was looking for.  So I headed for the mall this afternoon and walked into JC Penney's home store.  Boy, did I find a deal there - on the sale rack were 2 duvet sets and I could have gone with either color - they were marked down from $110 to $14.99.  It was an easy decision to make and I was out of there and back home in no time at all.

Connie and I have gone for bike rides after dinner the last 2 nights.  Its a great time to ride and we've ridden a couple of miles each night.  It feels good.

Thursday, October 17.  Sinus pressure are the words that describe how I have felt today.  It all started right after I woke up this morning and I leaned forward to brush my teeth.  My nose and head just ached.  I'm hoping that the antibiotics that I started on Monday will help it get better.  The symptoms improved though the day, but I never did get to feeling good.

Friday, October 18.  Today will be a better day, at least it is starting out better.  Yes, the antibiotics must be starting to work.  I was able to tolerate 3 hours with the dental hygienist - complete exam and cleaning at Carrington College.  I'm convinced that this is the way to go - first of all, it's free, but these folks are thorough, have the latest technology, and are under the supervision of professionals.  And they need volunteers. I am 100% satisfied and will go back.

I got new photos and an update from Ben today.  Things are improving with the twins - they are learning to eat and are gaining weight - much to the relief of Mom and Dad.  

Sunday, October 20.  I spent yesterday with Nan and Dale and we went to several estate sales and garage sales in the Chandler area.  No big finds for any of us, although had the prices on a couple of pieces been more reasonable, I may have considered a purchase.  Regardless, it was nice to hang out with them.  We had a nice lunch at Pita Jungle.  

This morning, Connie, me and Frisco headed to Usery Mountain State Park and hiked the Cat's Peak trail.  It was a beautiful morning and the 2+ mile hike was very enjoyable.  We had gorgeous view of the Superstition Mountains to the east and some smaller ranges that could be seen throughout the hike.  Very few critters were spotted along the way, although we did have to yield to some horseback riders - Frisco was not very nice to them at all - barking and yapping the whole time they were passing by.

Jan called this afternoon to see if I wanted to join her as she was giving Connie a lesson in painting with acrylics.  I decided to join them, but I don't think I will be pursuing that art form.  My painting might have passed for that of a 3rd grader - although a 3rd grader might be a lot better than me.  It was fun just hanging out together, though.