Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December 2 - 8, 2013 - CA

Tuesday, December 3.  The weather was gorgeous on Sunday and after a delicious breakfast, the whole family headed out on a walk with a stop at the local playground.  Charlotte's little legs carried her for 12 blocks with very little assistance from an adult.  As we walked along together, she asked me "where's Grandpa Mike?" And then she said, "I want to see him?"  It just broke my heart - and then it was hard trying to keep my tears hidden from her - not that I am concerned about her seeing me cry, but that it would just bring up another question that would be hard to answer.

Yesterday's weather turned more wintry, that didn't matter much for my grocery shopping outing, but it did make for a chilly walk later on.  Jill and I headed to Cassava, a nice little cafe on Balboa St but they were closed, so then we went up the next block to another cafe and we discovered that neither of us had any money with us, so our plan to have a nice, warm drink got nixed.  We headed up the steep hill on 37th Ave for the library but when we got there, we had no library card.  Busted.

I made a yummy beef stew for dinner tonight - another successful Martha Stewart recipe.

I just couldn't decide on an activity to do with Charlotte this morning (it's another cool and cloudy day) and finally decided on walking to the library.  It turned out to be a good choice, as we got there just in time for the toddler story time and she really enjoyed it.  We picked out a few books and headed back home.  For lunch today, we had our 10th meal from the Thanksgiving dinner.  

Wednesday, December 4.  Today was mellow and uneventful, with CC at daycare and the twins starting to get more on a routine.  Jill was able to get lots of things done and I was able to finish a crochet project that I have been working on - hats for the twins. The photo doesn't show the true color of the yellow - it is a pretty buttercup yellow and they fit Norah and Camille just right.  They are growing so fast that I should probably start working on the next bigger size.

Pat sent me photos of the memorial tribute for Mike on the Trellis Tree at Olbrich Botanical Gardens in Madison that was donated by his friend, Don.  What a special and meaningful gesture. I will look forward to seeing it in person.

Jill had an opportunity to have an evening away from home, so Ben and I were the tag team tonight.  Norah had a long, fussy spell but Ben was able to settle her down after a while, and then Camille started, so it was my turn.  That's how it often goes.  There is nothing like having a beautiful sleeping baby in your arms, though - so that is the reward.

Friday, December 6.  Yesterday, I decided to take Charlotte to the Academy of Sciences again and we had a great time browsing around the aquariums, sat in the snowman shaped igloo and learned about the North Pole, Caribou, and the seasons.  Outside they were making snow and we also got to see some live reindeer.  It was a fun time together.

This morning, Jill and I decided that a walk was in order, so we headed from 35th Avenue to 21st Avenue along Geary Blvd to the post office and to pick up some wrapping paper.  It was a nice day and an enjoyable walk.  

This afternoon, the twins had their 2-month checkup and Get their first set of vaccinations. They are exactly the same height and Camille weighs about 10 ounces more than Norah, they are both over 9 pounds.  Yeah!  Team Bridge is doing a great job!  It was painful for Jill and I when they cried out from the shots.  They have been sleeping ever since we got back home except for one very fussy spell for both of them.  Wouldn't you know that Charlotte would choose that very same time to be uncooperative and throw a tantrum.  All is quiet now and we are not complaining.  It takes a village.

Next week at this time, I will be settling back into my home in Mesa.  It is hard to believe that it is time for the next Gransition, aka the Granny Switcheroo.  I'm going to miss the activity and bring around this family, but I also look forward to having some down time. 

Sunday, December 7.  It is quiet.  Charlotte and the twins are napping, Ben is surfing the internet, Jill is browsing through photos, and I was working on a crochet project when I got to thinking they it would be a good time to write.  After breakfast, we all headed to the playground but the wind was so cold that Jill decided to head back home with the babies.  I stayed at the playground with 
Charlotte and Ben went for a short run.  The playground was a bit sheltered for the wind, so it wasn't too bad, especially when CC has a way of keeping you moving.

Just a Swinging

Yesterday, the family went to a birthday party, so I decided to go shopping - not a great plan, as the traffic was awful, the stores crowded and busy, and it just wasn't much fun.  I think I will save my shopping for Mesa where the parking lots are huge and I can go mid-week when the stores aren't too busy.  The best part of my afternoon was the drive along the Great Highway where I could see the huge waves coming in on the beach and lots of folks flying and riding on kites.