Wednesday, December 11, 2013

December 9 - 13, 2013 - SF, then back to Mesa

Tuesday, December 10.  As you can see from the heading on this post, I have only a few more days here with the family before heading back home to Mesa.  Charlotte seems to have a good understanding about the switch in grandparents that is occurring in her life these last few months, and she is talking about it every day.  It is amazing how much the twins have changed since I arrived here.  The 2-3 pound weight difference is quite noticeable, their little legs are getting chubby and they have graduated to the next size in clothing and diapers.  They will really look different 6 weeks from now when I get back again.

I took this cute photo last Friday, as CC was dressed in her vintage coat and getting ready to go to daycare.  No, she wouldn't turn around and face the camera.
Here, she is helping to make pancakes.

Thursday, December 12.  My conversation with Charlotte this morning as I leaned over her crib, went like this:  CC: "I'm going to Mikey's house". Me:  "Who's Mikey?"  CC:  "Grandma's friend". Me:  "Grandpa Mike?  He's my best friend."  CC:  "I love him."  Then she kissed me on the forehead.  Wimpy me, had to wipe the tears from my eyes.

Finally, a photo op that worked.

Friday, December 13.  Yes, it is Friday the 13th and it's a good thing that I'm not superstitious because I'm flying back to AZ today.  The lucky penny that I found in my suitcase should bring me good luck.  It is also 10 months since we lost Mike and I miss him just as much as I did back then.  I just keep trying to move ahead each day and feel good that I have been able to keep myself going in a positive way.  My family and friends are so supportive and helpful.

All connections and travel arrangements went well, in fact, my flight took off early and arrived in Mesa 20 minutes early.  I was also impressed with Super Shuttle who called to let me know my pickup time and arrived at exactly that time - and got me to the airport with time to spare.  The guy got a good tip. Pat and Roger picked me up and we went to Simpleton's for fish fry.   Very good, except for the coleslaw.  Frisco was happy and excited to see me.  It feels good to be back home.