Wednesday, February 19, 2014

February 17 - 23, 2014 - SF

Tuesday, February 18.  Its been another busy week and we are only 2 days into it.  Yesterday morning was bright and sunny, and Charlotte woke up saying "where are we going?", so I decided to take her to the zoo.  We headed straight for the children's zoo where she loves to pet the goats and see all of the other animals.  While in the barn, another little girl came up to her, they had eye contact, and immediately started to giggle.  From there on, they were best of friends and Charlotte didn't want Emma out of her sight.  They stood together at the duck pond quacking and giggling.  I ended up exchanging names and phone numbers with her Moms and will hopefully connect at a nearby playground some upcoming weekend.

Our next stop was at the playground where we would also find a spot for a bite of lunch.  Just as we arrived, we saw Joan, Henry, and Penelope (family friends), so we joined them for lunch.  Playtime in the playground didn't go so well, as I had a difficult time keeping track of her, so we didn't stay long.

This morning started with a trip to the grocery store, as Jill had an appointment this morning and I had a meetup scheduled with Marta.  When Marta arrived, we went to Angelina's for a sandwich and some welcome conversation.

I got a call from Pat this morning and learned that I had a plumbing leak under the sink at my house.  No problem.  A quick call to Larry resulted in a quick repair and not too big of a bill.  Talk about service!

Wednesday, February 19.  It is another beautiful morning and after Norah and Camille woke from their morning naps, we decided to take them for a walk to the park.  We put them in the Baby Bjorn carriers, put floppy brimmed hats on them and walked to the Garden Cafe to pick up sandwiches, then walked to the park.  We no more spread out a blanket and sat down and they started squalling and wouldn't stop.  Here we thought this would be such a fun adventure for them.  They were fine as long as we were moving.  Back home, they both went down for a nap - guess that little bit of fresh air wore them out.

Saturday, February 22.  It's hard to believe that I am into my 4th week here already.  The time sure is flying by.

I've been working on my taxes this week.  Actually, my friend Sharla offered to do it for me for free.  When she submitted to the IRS, it was rejected due to some problem in their system because Mike's Social Security number was locked after he passed away.  I read about it on the internet and learned that it is a common issue.  It seems the only way around it is to print and mail it in, so that is what I've done.  While I was signing the forms this morning, I became so emotional with the thought that I will never file as "married filing jointly" again, after 45 years if doing so.  These thoughts reinforce the finality of my life with Mike and increase the distance - an aspect I find hard to deal with at times.  

Yesterday was cleaning day and Camille was waking from her nap just as Jill left for work and the cleaning staff showed up shortly after that.  So I loaded Camille in the stroller, put a pacifier in her mouth, then hurried upstairs to get Norah (was still sleeping) ready and we headed out for a walk.  I was only a half block away when I had to shed my hoodie, it was such a nice day.  Norah went right back to sleep but it took Camille a while and they both slept while I walked through the Seacliff neighborhood.  I got back just as Betty was leaving.

I've gotten some good photos this week.

Charlotte's new swimming goggles.

Camille and Norah (still the smaller one, but they are looking more and more alike these days.

Sunday, February 23.  Our morning started with a big breakfast (the usual Sunday morning bacon, eggs, hash browns and toast) and then the day's activities begin.  Jill had to run to the east bay for an errand this morning, so I stayed back with the napping twins while Ben to Ruby for a walk with Charlotte that includes a stop at the playground.  

Camille rolled over from her belly to back on the play must this morning - a first for her.

I have some quiet time, so other than this update, I'm going to play mindless games on my iPad - my form of relaxation these days.  I have doing very little reading as every time I pick up a book, I start to fall asleep.  At night, I might get 2-3 pages read before I drift off.

I hear some bubble blowing and chatter going on in the bedroom - time to sign off.