Tuesday, April 8, 2014

April 7 - 13, 2014, AZ

Monday, April 7.  All through the night, I was thinking, "what would Mike do" and I know exactly what he would do.  Go for it!  So I did.  So now, I have a gold Toyota sitting in my carport instead of a red Honda.  I think I did good on the negotiating and got a good car for a good price - and now I can act on a trailer that fits my requirements if and when I should stumble on one - perhaps while I am gadding about the country this summer.  So here it is - the second car that I have ever bought completely on my own.  The first was my very first car, a 1965 VW Bug bought in 1967, but Mike was there to help me find it and to check it out for me.
Wednesday, April 9.  Other than helping friends out with transportation this week, I have been sticking pretty close to home.  Arlene needed a ride to her manicure appointment yesterday and she bought me lunch at Waldo's for taking her.  Her sister, Marilyn joined us because she just happened to be nearby, and we had a great conversation.

Connie is having car problems lately (first leaks, now her radiator is shot), so I followed her to the repair shop this morning and took her back there this evening.  In between, I did some practice on cutting bottles with my new cutter, and I learned that I need a whole lot more practice.  It will come, though.  I just have to get the pressure on the scoring right and then master the water baths to break them apart.  I find recycled glass projects to be quite fascinating and thought I would give it a shot.  I will have to ask my friends to save their bottles for me, as I will never be able to drink all that wine - nor would I want to.

I also went to get a couple of estimates for installing a trailer hitch on my car and got good feedback from them on the Toyota's performance.  Even though it is rated for 3,500#, the weight of the trailer I buy should not exceed 2,500#.  Now I know exactly what to look for.  I did stop to see a White Water Retro that I really like - it's way out of my price range, though.  What do you think?

In spite of finding this cutie, I will continue my quest for an older Casita or Scamp, 16-17' that has a bathroom and AC in the <$10,000 range.  So keep your eyes peeled, friends.  Here's the Casita.

Thursday, April 10. I managed to stay home the entire day today, that is until later this afternoon when I went to a birthday party for Jan and Max.  As usual, this community knows how to throw a good party.  Paul and Ulla have paved and joined their back yards, creating a huge party place, complete with firepit and lighted palm trees.  Live music was provided by a keyboard player and Paul with his guitar and we sang along and danced to lots of oldies.  It was a great time!

Saturday, March 12.  Connie and I went to an estate sale yesterday morning and we both walked out of there with something.  I got 2 very nice baskets, 1 that will sit on the floor and become a bed for Frisco, the other will hold his toys.

In the afternoon, I went to Jan's to help her cut up lettuce, tomato, and onion and shred chicken and beef for tomorrow night's Mexican Fiesta - our community's last fling before the snowbirds leave for the summer.   

I had a quiet night at home, watched the movie, "The Flight" with Denzel Washington.  What a scary thought that is - you really put your life in the pilot's hands and have no idea what kind of shape he is in.  It really makes me NOT want to fly, but then the highways are full of stupid people too.

My alarm went off at 5:45 this morning and Frisco and I went to Nan and Dale's, as they were having a garage sale and I had my car loaded with stuff to get rid of.  It was a community sale, so we were hoping for lots of traffic but we really weren't that busy.  I sold $30 worth of stuff and had a nice time hanging out with those guys.

At 2:30, I met Jan and her crew at the clubhouse to help with the assembly of the enchiladas and tacos.  The clubhouse was beautifully decorated and chips and salsa were put at every table.  When we got everything ready, we hurried home to get cleaned up and ready to fed and party with the 90 or so people that are going to show up.  

During happy hour, 2 men playing Mariachi music and made a stop at each table and then we served the meal.  We ran out of taco meat about half way through (I should have served it rather than let folks serve themselves) and it would have gone farther, but there was plenty for all to eat.  At 7:00, the dance floor was cleared and Vinny and ??? had us out on the dance floor with their lively selection of tunes from the 50s and 60s.  They were very good and will definitely be invited back again.  That's what I like about this place!  We have lots of fun together and it really is like one big, happy family - and you don't have far to go to get back home.

Sunday, April 13.  I was busy this morning.  The other day, I changed the drapes in my bedroom and something just wasn't right about how it looked.  So, this morning I made a valence and hung it up and now I think it works.

Nan called about 10;00 to see if I was interested in going to the Mesa Flea Market with them.  Dale wanted to get his Shelby out of the garage, so they drove over here, parked it in my carport, and I drove to the flea market.  The only thing I really needed from there that I can't seem to buy anywhere else was a new crystal nail file.  I bought a set years ago and absolutely love them, but one of them has disappeared.  I think I might have accidently thrown it away.  So today I got a new one and also bought some Arizona cheese curds that are really tasty.  That place is huge and you see a lot of the same stuff there but some of it is unique and interesting.  When we got back to my house, we sat on the patio and had a beer.  It was nice hanging out with them again.