Monday, April 28, 2014

April 28 - 30, 2014 - Back in CA

Monday, April 28.  It is cool this morning, I'm thinking 50s, although it warmed up as the day went on..  After lounging around and having coffee and no breakfast, we decided to head to Thousand Oaks for a bite to eat before going for a hike at Wildwood Park.  The area is beautiful and the trail was easy to follow, although a bit more strenuous than Mary was prepared for - and it was a lot warmer than we expected.  The scenery was beautiful although neither of us had a camera.  We saw lots of wildflowers including lupine and California poppy and the path followed a stream with several small waterfalls.  

At one point, after getting to the crest of a hill, we stopped to rest on a bench and watched a young girl running along the path - looking as if she was hardly even working at it.  We decided we were the OOO girls - Old, Overweight, and Out of Shape - had a lot of laughs over that one.  Maybe we can come up with a Maxine type cartoon.

Tuesday, April 29.  I made it to SF after another long day of driving, although the scenery along the route was beautiful and I didn't have to deal with traffic like going through LA.  When I turned on
to 35th Ave, I found the street in construction mode - no parking anywhere between 8 and 5:00.  I pulled into the driveway, unloaded my stuff and went and found a parking spot on the next street over, although it has to be moved tomorrow for street cleaning.  Welcome back to the big city.

I got settled in while Jill went to pick Charlotte up from preschool.  And when she walked in the door, she lit up when she saw me and I got big hugs and lots of "I love you, Grandma's" and then I got to do it all - bathtime, brushing teeth and videos, and bedtime stories.  What a sweetie!  The twins have changed so much in the last 6 weeks and were happy and smiley after their naps.  They are sitting up with minimal support and love to eat solid foods now.  It feels good to be back with the family.

Wednesday, April 30.  My alarm went off at 5:45 and I was out walking Frisco shortly after that.  I walked by my car and remembered that it had to be moved.  Needless to say, with construction going on and a several streets closed to parking, it took a while to find a spot about 3.5 blocks away.  To top it off, Frisco didn't take care of business - and then I realized I forgot to feed him last night.  Poor guy, I'm really not a negligent pet owner, just a forgetful one.

I took Charlotte to school and we were early so she could show me around.  She loves going there.

The twins routine is down pat now, although it will make for a busy day.  The are so smiley and happy!  Here's what they are looking like now - bean beards and all.  They love all of their veggies and sit there like little birds waiting for the spoon.