Wednesday, August 20, 2014

August 18 - 24, 2014, WI

Tuesday, August 19.  Today is my oldest son's 45th birthday and doesn't that make me feel old.  My gift to him was a fancy pants dinner of filet mignon with mushroom sauce, garlic-rosemary accordion potatoes, roasted broccoli and cauliflower, wine, and German chocolate cake with ice cream.  It's been a busy day of cooking but it felt good to do it.  I had the best of intentions to take photos and once again, the opportunity got away from me.

I slipped and fell in the produce department of the grocery store this afternoon.  I came down on my left knee, scraped the big toe, and feel kind of stiff and sore but I think I'm fine.  Regardless, I filled out an accident report just in case.

Frisco escaped the fenced in yard twice today - we can't figure out exactly where he is getting out but there are a couple of possibilities, so Pat is going to make some repairs.  He hasn't traveled far which is a good thing.

Thursday, August 21.  I spent most of the day yesterday reading "Velva Jean Learns to Drive", by Jennifer Niven.  About half way through the book, I became immersed and couldn't put it down.  I tried to finish it last night but couldn't keep my eyes open.  

Early this morning, a light rain pattering my roof, Frisco was moving around and sitting at the door - he had to go out.  So I got my umbrella out if the car and took him for a walk - and, yes, he had business to take care of.  What a good little guy - he's usually so patient and waits to go out at least an hour after I get up.

As soon as I got back from that early morning walk, I dove into that book and finished it.  I haven't read a book that I just couldn't put down in a long, long time.  It was a story about a young girl coming of age in the gold-mining, moon-shining mountains of Appalachia who finds the courage to follow her own dreams.  An excellent story!  

The location of the story brought back memories of several times that we traveled along the Blue Ridge Parkway (it is being built by the CCC in this book), both in our Miata and our motorhome, and also a drive with Pat and Roger and the Badgerland Miata Club where we drove the Tail of the Dragon (an 11-mile stretch of road with 318 curves) to Deal's Gap (also mentioned in this book) and stayed in a cabin near the Fontana Dam in North Carolina.

I went to see Tom and Karen this morning and took Frisco so he could play with Tara.  The rain held off for a little while and the dogs were able to romp around the back yard.  Karen had just gotten a new Samsung tablet, so I helped her out with some of the apps and setup.  I hadn't even gotten out of Monona on my way home when the torrential rains started and didn't let up until after I got back home.  I sat in the car in the parking lot at the grocery store, waiting for it to let up.

I spent the afternoon on the phone with customer service people after finding out that a medical bill got rejected by my insurance company because my ID number changed way back on 1/1/14.  I just received my updated cards with new ID# when I got to Stoughton - the paperwork was dated 6/13/14.      Needless to say, there were several claims between 1/1 and 6/13 that were processed under the old ID#, so there may be future problems too.  The person I spoke with at my insurance company assured me that she would let me know how they will be handling those claims and she also contacted the billing folks for the medical bill I had problems with. Hopefully it will all be taken care of behind the scenes and I won't have to be concerned, although I do plan to keep a close eye on the situation.  That is one of the problems with being away from home and having your mail forwarded to you - there is quite a delay.

Friday, August 22.  Nothing to write, but just had to post this photo taken in Pat's yard.

Saturday, August 23.  Today, I am remembering and missing Mike on his 67th birthday and Jill's brother, Casey on his 37th birthday.  And I have been in a funk all day.  The gray, pea soup kind of humid weather is not helping at all. I made one of Mike's favorite dishes for dinner tonight, Mrs. Gumtow's casserole and we had a nice dinner.

I spotted this definite sign of fall on my morning walk.

Sunday, August 24.  Today was a much better day.  It's another of those muggy, foggy kind of mornings but I still enjoy my morning walks through the neighborhoods of Stoughton.  My favorite has become one that takes me along the Mill Pond and dam, around Riverside Cemetary, then past the community gardens and back home again.  I never tire of seeing the mature hardwood trees, nicely manicured and landscaped lawns, and the multi-colored Victorian homes with their gingerbread and welcoming porches.  It gives me a comfortable, homey feeling.

I met my cousin JoAnne in Baraboo this afternoon and we went to see Dr. Evermore's Forevertron - a massive metal sculpture of a ship that will carry him to the heavens when he dies.  I actually met and had a conversation with Lady Eleanor and learned that he is in a Nursing Home but still designs some of the works that are now assembled by his sons.   Here is a link to learn more about this man and his creations. You will have to cut and paste as I can't figure out how to insert a link.

    Jo and I with one of the big birds.


More cool birds.

We had an enjoyable time together - walked around the Square, checked out some art at the market, and had a nice lunch.

When I got back home, Tracey's Godmother Caroline, brought hot dogs, potato salad, beans, and brownies for Pat's birthday gift and we had a nice time hanging out and talking.