Wednesday, August 6, 2014

August 4 - 10, 2013, MN

Wednesday, August 6.  My body is so tired and achy - I'm not used to climbing stairs and lifting babies - it seems like a hundred times during the day.  The twins are on the move constantly and have to be redirected from the dogs, the bathroom, the stairway (yes, it has a gate), did I say the dogs, the stove, the glass patio door, the dogs.  

Last night Ruby and Frisco got into it again - this time over some smelly thing under the deck that 
Ruby wanted all to herself, but it happens so fast that we don't know whether it was starte by Frisco or her.  Because of this, we afraid to let the kids get too close to either of them.

The neighborhood had a block party last night, so we got to meet some of the neighbors.  We couldn't stay long as it was getting to be bedtime and Lois and Dennis brought Charlotte home from her sleepover.  I was tired and went straight to bed and Ben headed out for a run.

Sunday, August 10.  Whew!  What a week!  Ben and I decided that our attempts and suggestions to get CC to use the potty were not helping at all.  She has had several accidents and doesn't want to be bothered, she is now holding it for long periods of time.  We agreed that we would not say a word, stick to the routine of trying in the morning, at nap time, and again in the evening.  It worked!  She did not have any accidents for the last 3 days.

CC loves her Popsicle.

Jill got back home on Thursday evening and I didn't see her until Friday morning as I went to bed shortly after CC went to sleep and Ben and Jill stopped for a drink before coming home.  

We all walked to Brueggers for bagels on Saturday morning and I stayed with the twins while the rest of the family did some much needed shopping after breakfast.  Ben fixed a yummy curry dish for dinner and we sat out on the sun porch and enjoyed a beer and some good conversation after the kids were all asleep.  As you can tell by reading this, there aren't many opportunities for that.

I left Ben and Jill's after breakfast this morning, heading back to Pat's house.  I was so drowsy during the first 2 hours of the drive, I had to pull over and get coffee, a rest area to clo my eyes and walk around to keep me awake.  Once I hit Eau Claire, the traffic heading south all the way to Madison was awful and it was no longer hard to stay awake.  

It was nice to get back to the the quiet life at Pat and Tracey's house.