Thursday, January 22, 2015

January 19 - 25, 2015, AZ

Thursday, January 20.  I made it through the workweek and tonight I'm having a glass of wine to celebrate my Friday.  

Carol arrived safely on Monday night and we sat up talking for a while and she got settled in.  It's good to have her here for a visit.  She was on her own on Tuesday and Wednesday, as I had to work.  She and Frisco took walks together and she got to explore Brentwood.  

On Tuesday, several of the Mesa Spirit staff went by van to the corporate office for training on the reservation system.  I found it to be very helpful, but still confused as to what old policies are still in effect and what new policies are replacing them. We now have 3 call centers that make reservations, giving discounts for specials that we aren't even aware of - that makes the job difficult for me.

Thursday, January 21.  I'm sad.  I just learned that a dear friend in Wisconsin, Tom Reinhart, passed away in his sleep yesterday morning.  I sure have lots of fun memories of him through the years.  He and Mike met when they both worked at Madison Kipp Corporation back in 1971 and we were welcomed at Tom's family's land and lake house for many great camping and outdoor experiences through the years.  I know that he will be missed and I feel so bad for what Leslie and their family are going through.

Mike and Tom - New Years Eve, 1996

Carol and I took a drive today, the loop from Mesa toward Payson, then east to Roosevelt Dam, and then took the Apache Trail to Tortilla Flat and back home.  We stopped for a snack at Tortilla Flat and then tonight, we went to Tia Rosa with Pat and Rog for dinner.

The Dale Chihuly puzzle.

Sunday, January 25.  It's been a very nice week with Carol, some sightseeing, some dining, lots of talk. completed a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle, and a hike.

Yesterday, we met Nan, Dale, and Monica for lunch at Mac's near their house and then came home and did some laundry, took a walk around the park, and were lazy.

This morning, we headed out to Papago Park with Pat, Rog, Connie, and the dogs for a hike around the buttes - these incredible rock formations that looked like a prehistoric animal.  The trails were nice, lots of people around but not crowded at all.  It was a good hike, about 3.5 miles.  On the way back home, we stopped at a burger place for a Bloody Mary and a snack.

I sold my Gargoyle shelves this afternoon.  Last week, Nan had spotted an ad on the board where she works, posted by someone who was looking for garage advertising pieces and automobilia.  We've been going back and forth via email for a couple of days and today, he came to see it and loved it.  I didn't get what I was told I could get at auction, but then it wasn't exactly what he expected either.  Regardless, it is gone and I feel like I got a good price for it.  Thanks, Nan!