Wednesday, January 7, 2015

January 5 - 11, 2015, AZ

Wednesday, January 7.  What a week!  Monday was an 8-hour workday, with a brief potty break and a half-hour lunch break.  Customers were non-stop and I had 3 that were angry and yelling at me.  Yes, raising their voices in s very angry manner.  I got one apology and it was deserved.  I haven't done anything to these people, I understand their frustration, but I'm not responsible for their problems.  Was it the full moon?  On top of that, I wasn't feeling the best and I was sounding even worse.

Tuesday was better, the number of customers and those with problems, were less and I was off at 1:00.  I  really wasn't feeling well and my left eye was red, swollen and watering constantly.  I wasn't able to get to see a doctor until this morning and it is infected.  I had the same problem exactly a year ago, so it could be related to the environment but is more likely viral and linked to this other crud I have.  After just 2 doses of the medication, it is already better.  Tomorrow will be a better day.

I did manage to get a few projects around the house done; furniture cleared from the bedrooms in preparation for getting the carpets shampooed tomorrow, a good vacuum job on those rooms, a picture hung, and a shrub in the back yard cut down.  It died because my water softener brine tank overfilled and drained out of the relief valve.  The Kinetico service department walked me through a reset and it seems to be working as it should.

Connie stopped by this afternoon and we sat and gabbed for an hour or so. It was another telepathy thing - just as I was heading into the house to call her, she showed up on her bike. Mathis happened with Rita last week too.  I looked at the clock to see if it would be a good time to call her, just as the phone rang from her.  I love it when this kind of thing happens!

Thursday, January 8.  I think I am over the hill on this crud, I won't talk about it any more. 

Today was a productive one.  My carpets were being cleaned, so after prepping for that, I made a batch of liver treats for Frisco and then started scrubbing down the kitchen.  I got the upper cabinets all cleaned.  I cut down a shrub in my back yard that died when my water softener brine tank overflowed and drained near it.  I walked Frisco and did a video workout too.

When I checked my mailbox this morning, there was a package from Pat - my Christmas gift got here a little late.  It is a beautiful pendant, a piece of a 110,000 year old meteorite, called Muonionalusta.  The meteorite is covered in Platinum as the metal alone would rust.  Like I said, it is beautiful.  

And then, I ran some errands; a trip to the post office, Harbor Freight (got a gizmo for aligning the car and trailer), the grocery store and the thrift store.  It has been a week since I left the house for anything other than work.  It felt good.

I cooked up some sausage and peppers for dinner tonight - yummy stuff!  Rene and I had a nice, long conversation tonight. 

Five years ago this evening, Jill rushed to the hospital and learned that their baby, little Owen Quinn Bridge was stillborn.  What a tragic event for our family.  I can't help but imagine what a sweet little guy he would have become and I know it is difficult for Ben and Jill.  They went on to have such a beautiful family, but they have endured a lot of grief with this loss.  

Sunday, January 11.  My weekend was busy but I hardly left the house.  I considered a hike, garage sales, and a gem and mineral show but stayed at home instead.  I got the guest room set up for Carol's visit in s week.  I use an airbed for guests and they always have a strong, plastic odor after being stored for a while - they need to be aired out.  Fortunately, the weather has been nice and I've been able to open the windows during the day.

I also got some cleanup done in the yard.  The Lantana needed to be cut back and some of the Elephant Food Jade got a bit of burn at the tips from the frost last week, in spite of being covered.

I went to TGIF at the clubhouse on Friday night and it was good to connect with so many people in the community.  It really is a nice place to live, although I have been kind of disconnected lately, preferring to stay at home or go out for fish fry on Fridays.