Thursday, January 29, 2015

January 26 - 31, 2015, AZ

Wednesday, January 28.  I survived the work week, incredibly busy with lots of cranky people.  Why do some folks just have to be so nasty and rude?  I checked in 3 today that were just not very nice and I can only hope that "what goes around comes around" applies to them some day.  They forget that us lowly receptionists are just the messengers, not the decision makers in most cases me we really have no control over how things are working.  And I'm ready for these major events that are going on in Phoenix this weekend (Super Bowl, PGA, and something else) to be done with.  Maybe it just means that the places I want to visit with my guests, cousin Jo and her husband, Ray, will have fewer people to deal with.  OK, I'm done with my rant.

Saturday, January 31.  Jo and Ray showed up about noon on Thursday and we hung out around the house, took Frisco for a little walk and I showed them around the community.  We had a great time over dinner and a few drinks and lots and lots of talking.

Friday morning, it was raining and the rain has continued until about mid-day today.  We invited Pat and Roger to join us for some exploring of the area, since they were cooped up in their motorhome in the rain.  We went out through the Tonto National Forest to the Salt River in hopes of spotting some of the wild horses in the area - no luck there.  From there, we were headed to the Queen Creek Olive Mill but the roads were flooded and we ended up going back to Gilbert with a stop at Postino's for a glass of wine and some delicious bruchetta.  Such a nice place with yummy food and wine.  We also toured a couple of retirement communities - they may want to spend some time here during the winter.

In the evening, Roger made us all Old Fashioneds and then we went to Red, White, and Brew for a yummy Walleye dinner.  The wait was a bit long, but the food was very good - a nice place.  Thanks, Ray & Jo for the treat.

Today, after a nice breakfast, they wanted to check out another community, so we toured a couple of houses at Los Palmas Grande - a very nice community in eastern Mesa.  After that, we went to see the movie, Black or White, with Kevin Costner and we all thought it was a good movie.  When we got back here, we played Farkel until they got a text saying their flights out of here tomorrow, to go back to Chicago, were cancelled due to a snowstorm there.  For the last hour or so, they have been trying to book another flight and it looks like early morning on Wednesday is the earliest they can get.  And here, there are all of the super bowl people to be heading back that way too.  What a mess, I'm glad its not me.