Sunday, February 22, 2015

February 17 - 22, 2015, AZ

I Sunday, February 22.  Somehow, writing in my blog has not been a priority this week and the days have flown right by.  I worked the usual Monday through Wednesday and on those evening I don't accomplish much, other than watching some TV.  Patty has been talking about how much she enjoyed the series, Parenthood, and I happened to see that it was available on Netflix, so I started watching it on Tuesday night and I'm hooked already, and watched the first 4 episodes this week.

On Thursday, I hung around the house, did some cleaning and got groceries.  I joined Jan, Connie, and Nancy for dinner at Jan's house and then we all went to the clubhouse to meet the bus that took us to the Golden Sun Resort in Apache Junction to see a band called "56".  They were really entertaining, playing lots of lively tunes from the 50s and 60s.  They interacted with the crowd a lot and that really made it fun.  The guy playing the bass was 20 years old, self-taught, and danced with that thing like it was a person.  He reminded me of Jerry Lee Lewis.  The only thing lacking was a dance floor, since the music really made you want to get up and move.

I know, the photo isn't good, but you get the idea.

Jill sent this picture to me the other day and I studied and studied it, then realized that the sweater that she is wearing was made by me, a gift to my niece, Christel, about 30 years ago.  Rita sent a box of clothing to the girls and this was in it.  It made me feel good! 

On Friday morning, Jill's parents, Lois and Dennis, and her aunt and uncle, Cathy and Dave picked me up in the morning to head out on a hike.  I made 3 suggestions; the Salt River where we might get lucky and see wild horses, the Boyce Thompson Arboretum, and Usery Park and we chose the Salt River.  It was a good choice because they hadn't hiked on rough terrain before.  We all enjoyed the path that goes around the side of a mountain followed by a dry wash that led us to an overlook where we had some spectacular views.  We didn't see any horses but did see an eagle perched on a branch on a tree.

After our hike, we went to Red, White, and Brew for a delicious lunch and a beer.

The light coloring in the photo is the dry was that we walked.

Yesterday, I worked.  We were quite busy and I was still unable to print from my station (our printer broke last Wednesday, they replaced it with a desktop model, and the printer wasn't compatible with the program I was working in.  In spite of several calls to IT and to our corporate computer specialist, it didn't get fixed.  GRRRRR!

I got this very unpleasant surprise in the mail yesterday.  My first ticket ever and it isn't like me to speed like that.  I do remember talking about the flashing of a camera and hoped that I had slowed down enough to avoid getting a ticket - NOT.  This was back on January 9 when Pat and I went to have lunch with a classmate from Stoughton.

Today was a wonderful day.  My initial plan was to hang out at home by myself but then I invited Pat and Rog to join me for Reuben sandwiches, then thought that a round of golf might be fun, then invited Connie to join us too.  

This morning, I got my house listed on and researched my options for the awful speeding ticket I got in the mail yesterday.  I learned that I can take a defensive driving course (it might be needed since I got my first ever speeding ticket) and forego the fine with no points or increase in insurance rates.  Ben called this afternoon and I had a fun Facetime conversation with him and Charlotte.

Our weather is strange.  Cloudy and cooling as the day went on.

Connie showed up with a scotch and water, Pat and Rog showed up with Margaritas (in celebration of National Margarita Day) and I had a hankering for a Cosmopolitan.  After getting primed a bit, us girls headed to the golf course and had fun playing 9 holes.  It's a good thing we didn't keep score, but we sure had fun.  Dinner was fun.  It was a good day.