Tuesday, February 3, 2015

February 2 - 8, 2015, AZ

I Monday, February 2.  Ray took me to work this morning and they used my car to explore some more communities and did some sightseeing at Goldfield Ghost Town and Tortilla Flat.  They both like Arizona a lot and it sounds like this is where they want to spend some time during the winters in the future.  Once we got past the rain last week, the last few days have been beautiful.  They picked up chicken and ribs and salads from the grocery store for dinner tonight.  Yay!

Once again, work was insanely busy, even with 3 receptions on duty.  We are full, with no pet friendly sites available except for short term stays and we are also out of sites for big rigs and are unable to accommodate those requests for multiple sites that are close to each other - and those kinds of things make people be angry and not very nice to us.  I'm going to have to rethink doing this kind of work in the future.  For the most part, I enjoy doing the customer service part of the job, but when everything is messed up by computer programs that don't work, not having access to programs, working with multiple programs and having inaccurate information about availability, it is making for stressful days.  I don't need that at this stage of my life.  I am exhausted at the end of the day.

Jo and Ray at Tortilla Flat

Wednesday, February 4.  My guests left at 4:00 this morning to catch a 6am flight back to wintry Wisconsin.  It was nice that they had a couple of extra days to explore the area and they also found a community that they really like for future winter getaways.  I enjoyed their stay, but I am looking forward to having my house to myself for a few days.  My brother, Randy, arrives next Sunday for a week's visit.

Friday, February 6.  Yesterday, I ran a few errands.  Had to pick up salt for the softener, Valentine's and birthday cards, supplies for the clubhouse, and a For Sale sign for the house.  

I was supposed to join Pat, Roger, and several others at Val Vista Village for happy hour today, but their schedule changed and they canceled.  So I picked up the ball and had them all come here for happy hour instead.  Eleven of us gathered on the patio for lively conversation, drinks, and then we all pitched in for pizza.  Good times.  

Just before everyone arrived, Frisco took off after a wolf-like dog that just cruising down the street.  He would not come when I called him and I ended up going back to get the car and found him a block and a half away.  Naughty dog.  He is usually tied up but I must have forgotten to hook him on the leash.

Early this morning, I took Nan and Dale to St. Luke's Medical Center in Phoenix for a procedure and then spent the rest of the day at home.  Boy, did that feel good!  I worked on my taxes, got the guest room ready for Randy,  and spent some time just hanging out in the yard, reading and etching.

As I passed Connie's house on our afternoon walk, she had just gotten home from her job and was carrying balloons into the house.  She came out on the patio and was letting them go - they were birthday balloons for Danny.  We hugged, cried, and stood and watched them disappear into the sky. 

Saturday, February 7.   Today marks 2 years ago that Mike was hospitalized and we learned that there was no air flowing through his left lung, the start of extensive treatment to open his airways, and his last week with us.  Two years goes so quickly, but being without him seems so much longer.

A Mardi Gras party was held at the clubhouse and Lois and Jim cooked red beans and rice with sausage, chicken and shrimp, served with a salad and pralines.  The food was yummy and it felt good to hang out with my Brentwood friends again.  I haven't been very involved this winter.  Kathleen and Paddy entertained us with music from the 50's and 60's so there was a lot of dancing going on.  I could really feel it in my hips when I left there.

Sunday February 8.  The morning was relaxing, the weather was gorgeous, and after my coffee and  walk with Frisco, I spent some time outside doing some yard cleanup.  Arlene came over for a chat.  I had a fun Facetime conversation with Charlotte and got to see the twins earlier in the morning.

Randy's flight went well and I picked him up at the airport.  After having a bite to eat, we walked to the pool and lounged around for a while.  It's great to see him again, we always have a good time together ad I'm looking forward to spending the next week with him.