Wednesday, March 25, 2015

March 23 - 29, 2015, AZ

GWednesday, March 25.  The week did not start on a good note.  I did not sleep well on Sunday night, so when I got up at 3am to take Jim to the airport, I had some coffee.  That insured that I couldn't go back to sleep when I got back home, so it was a long, tiring day.  I recovered when I had a good night's sleep on Monday night.

Customers at work have been cranky.  It amazes me because they are in a beautiful place, with perfect weather, AND, they are on vacation.  On Monday, I had a very large man, leaning over the counter toward me and speaking in a very loud, aggressive voice, demanded  that he got a utility bill that he could pay before he left.  I had to ask him to lower his voice.  Today, a man yelled at me because there is an error on his bill that hasn't been resolved (nothing that I had any control over) and he yelled at me and said "when is this company going to hire competent people that can do the job".  It was really hard to keep my cool with my blood pressure rising and my heart beating fast.  I couldn't even look at him when I handed him his receipt.

It's over, it's my Friday night, and I am enjoying some chocolate and a Cosmopolitan on the patio, watching the colorful sky during the gorgeous sunset.

I talked with Ben this afternoon and he had a sad story for me.  A water leak developed in their upstairs bathroom and damaged the kitchen ceiling and possibly their new cabinets and floors.  A recovery crew has already been there and they are drying things out so they can assess the damages.  I'm praying for good news on that front.

Friday, March 27.  I'm up way too early this morning (4:30), although I had a great night of sleep.  As I was still laying in bed, I was thinking that this is meaningful to me in some way and then I remembered that this is the day that Jill's brother, Casey, lost his battle with cancer.  The poor guy died at age 27 and had battled 7 different cancers in his life, the last was a brain tumor.  I got up and looked at photos on his Facebook page, and it brought back memories of that wonderful guy.

I'm working in the curtains for the trailer and got them sewn today.  The plan is to add 3 vertical rows of small rings to the back so they can be pulled up instead of to the side, as this is the way the windows open. There was just enough fabric left to make a small pillow.  I'm quite happy with how they turned out - just have to figure how to keep them in the up position.

Pat and Rog picked me up and we went to Garcia's to meet up with Chris and Norm and their group of friends for happy hour and dinner - a sendoff to all of the snowbirds in the group.

Saturday, March 28.  More sewing today, stitching the rings by machine worked great.  I ran ribbons through the rings, but still haven't figured out how to keep them up - I need to come up with some type of stopper.

Tonight, Pat, Connie, and I went to the Cave Creek Rodeo. Not was a good thing that we got there early, as there was a sold out crowd, it seemed like there never would be room to fit them all in.  The show was very entertaining, only one injury when a young man landed wrong from a fall. I was hoping that we might get to see my neighbor's son, LJ Jenkins, who is in the pro bull riding circuit, but we learned this afternoon that he rides tomorrow.  What a rough sport!  We had a great time - I would go again.

Sunday, March 29.  I am feeling so thankful right now, that my niece, Monica, invited me to join her, her 
Mom, Nan, and her Grandma Karen for an afternoon of shopping for wedding dresses and a very nice lunch at Joyride in Gilbert in between.  She found a few that she liked but none that just jumped at her where she felt that was it.  I had a great time.