Friday, June 26, 2015

June 22 - 28, 2015, WI

Monday, June 22.  I've been looking forward to a day that I could just be lazy and hang out and today was that day.  We had some severe weather with fairly heavy rain and some high winds this morning - a perfect reason to just hang out.  I did get my laundry done and after the rain cleared up, I cleaned my trailer and did some gardening with Pat (mostly weed pulling).  Many of the perennials are in bloom right now including the Stella d'Oro Lilies, the Asian Lilies, Sundrops, some of the Hosta, Lupine, Roses, and the Coneflowers are just starting.

Friday, June 26.   The week has been fairly quiet, in fact I was feeling really tired and worn out but that has now passed after a couple of days just taking it easy.  

Yesterday, I took Savana out for lunch to celebrate her 22nd birthday back on June 1.  We had a nice chat - she sure is growing up and I realize that her world is so different from mine now and even back when I was 22.  Relationships, interests, styles, trends diets - there are so many differences.  And then I think - what will it be like when my grandaughters are that age?  The gap will be even larger.

I came up to Portage last night to spend a couple of nights with Sharon.  Becky (my niece) was here when I arrived and we had some pizza for dinner and then were off to Endeavor to play bingo.  None of us had one win all night long.  A thunderstorm came through while we were playing and a loud thunder burst made everyone in the room jump.  The roads on the way back were kind of foggy and a couple of deer crossed our path and we could barely see them.

Today, I went to Wisconsin Dells and met Rosemary and her children Paul and Rachael.  We strolled the Main Street and browsed a few of the tourist traps then had a picnic lunch at Bowman Park.  Although a high if 72 is expected, it has been overcast and cool all day.

Fish fry with Becky's family tonight at The Lakeside on Lake Wisconsin was enjoyable.  The Old Fashioned was delicious, as was the baked cod dinner that I had.  The standard Friday night fare has gotten a bit pricey these days at $12.95 - I remember when $5.95 was the going rate.

Saturday, June 27.   Happy Birthday to my Mom who would be turning 94 years old today. Sure would have been nice to know her better but I only spent 16 years with her before she died.  I miss the mother-daughter relationship that we could have had.

Becky, Brooke, and Lizzy came to Portage and we headed for the Princeton Flea Market.  I only bought the mini-donuts hat just can't be resisted.  After shopping, I headed back home to Stoughton.

Sunday, June 28.  I didn't do a lot today except walked with Dawn this morning and then joined her again tonight for a relaxing glass of wine on the patio with a view of her beautiful gardens.