Wednesday, July 1, 2015

June 29 - 30, 2015, WI

Tuesday, June 30.  The days and nights have been cool and comfortable - mid-70s during the day and cooling to near 60 at night.  I still haven't run my AC since I've been here and I'm thankful for that, since I don't really appreciate the noise of it running.

Pat and I couldn't resist the final 50% off sale of perennials this week and we both stopped and bought a few.  That led to moving a few things in order to make room for the newbies.  He also got a load of mulch the other day, so the gardens are looking quite nice and many things are blooming. Nit won't be long and we will be picking raspberries and eating them as fast as they are picked.

This morning, Dawn and I walked this morning and had to wear a hoodie, it was so cool.  After our walk, we had leftover quiche that she had made for dinner the night before - yummy!  I decided to wax the trailer since it was predicted to be cloudy most of the day and Pat did the roof for me. Mo considered doing the car too, but my body needed a break when I had finished.

Goodbye, June.