Tuesday, September 15, 2015

September 14 - 20, 2015, WI

Monday, September 14.  Boy, the bad news just doesn't stop.  While I was shopping with Tracey this afternoon, a call came in from Mike's childhood friend, Jim, and I learned that his only sister died in a car crash yesterday as she and her husband were pulling into their driveway.  They were hit by s car with 3 teenagers at a high speed and Joan didn't make it - her husband and all 3 teenagers were injured.  Jim was on his way to the airport to come here.

I also learned that my brother-in-law, Hobe (in Ocala) is back in the hospital with congestive heart failure.  Fingers are crossed and I'm praying that he pulls through this one.  Patty is a mess and all by herself down there.

Tuesday, September 15.  First of all, Hobe is doing better and I talked with Patty, she is feeling relieved.  They are draining fluids and he will probably return home in a couple of days.  It sounded quite critical when I got the message.

The trailer got a bath when I got home from my walk today - it really needed it.  The road dirt really shows on the shiny white front and back.  I could hardly see out of the roof vent, so that got a good cleaning too.  

The days have been gorgeous, with just a hint of fall in the air; bright sunshine, warm days, and light breezes.  I spent a lot of time sitting outside with a book.  This evening, I walked over to Dawn's house to hang out and ended up having wine and dinner with them and sitting around talking until 10 pm, a late night for me.

I heard from Ray's sister, Joanie, and funeral arrangements have been made.  There will be a memorial service at Cedar Memorial Chapel West on, Saturday, September 26 at 3 pm.  We had a nice, long conversation

Thursday, September 17.  The Pipsqueak went in for new tires this morning.  Joe came and picked her up and took her to her shop.  

After walking this morning, Dawn and I went to her friend Robin's house and picked pears.  We both came home with a large basket full.  The trees were so heavily laden that some of the branches were breaking. Now, I have to figure out what to do with them.

Late this afternoon I got the Pipsqueak back with all new rubber, greased bearings, and a clean report card - ready to roll.  I patted myself on the back because when it I as ready to be picked up, I was in a crunch for time, had to go pick her up, pay for the install, get back home and get parked and hooked up, then get my clothes changed and makeup applied in 40 minutes - I did it with a few minutes to spare.

What a fun evening!  I picked up Jim and Sue and we headed to Toby's where we met Pat and Roger. Had a yummy Old Fashioned, Lake Perch dinner, and lots of good laughter and conversation.  After dinner, we went to the Country Corners Bar to hear Frank and Bobby playing traditional country music.    These guys have played there since 1985 and Mike and I were regulars there for years.  I chatted with Bobby (a classmate of Mike's) and we all really enjoyed their music.  I even recognized some of the regulars from way back when.  Connie, this is a place that you would love!

The drive back home wasn't so great, as there were thunderstorms and visibility was not very good.  We all made it home safely and then I layed in bed listening to the rumbled and watching the flashes of light in the sky for a while.

Sunday, September 20.  Yesterday was a busy one, starting with coffee with Pat and then a walk with Dawn.  Pat and I went to Farm and Fleet and then to the Edna Taylor Nature Preserve and walked the trails there.  We went through prairie, marshland, and an oak Savannah on this beautiful, crisp fall morning.  Pat had never been there before, so I was glad to show him a place that he might want to return to some day - a place that Mike and I walked through many times.

Some of the plant life in  the prairie, showing signs of fall.

The asters were in full bloom.
We had to do a selfie.

And then later on, Jim called and had some free time, so I went to DeForest, visited with him and Pete for a while and then we went and walked the Windsor trail.  So I got in about 7 miles of walking yesterday - perfect day for it.

Today, we hung around the house, did some yard work and housework (my freezer needed defrosting) and I cleaned and cut pears and made a Pear Crisp - it became our lunch - warm from the oven with whipped cream on top.  Yummy!

Tonight, Tom and Karen treated me to dinner at the Tornado Club in Madison, one of their favorite spots.  I had a Caesar salad, tenderloin, and roasted kale - that and a glass of wine and great company made for a perfect dinner.

When I got back home, Frisco was acting strange again, something is hurting him, he yipped when I tried to pick him up.  It seems to be his front legs or chest.  What is up?  I will take him to the vet tomorrow morning.