Thursday, January 21, 2016

January 18 - 24, 2016, AZ

Wednesday, January 20.  I'm pooped.  After back to back house cleanings today, my energy level is one of being pasted to the recliner and probably an early to bed night for me.  The jobs aren't bad, just very physical for 4.5 hours.  I cleaned for Carl today, a sweet 90 year old man who lost his wife about a year ago.  He went to anfitness class and then to play golf while I cleaned his condo.  I think I will enjoy my short chats with him.  I cleaned one house yesterday it am off now until next Wednesday. 

I had a beer with Jan and Jim on Tuesday night and w had some good conversation, as always.  Yesterday, Connie and I went for a little bike ride.  The days are warming up and it feels good to be outside.

Arlene and I went to see Betty and James' new house (she was my next door neighbor and moved out last May).  They sure found a nice house and have been doing little things like painting and changing window coverings to make it theirs.  We went to Lucky Lou's for a burger and did that ev hit the spot.  Mmmmm!   Good time.

Sunday, January 24.  I went hiking with Tom today, out between Usery Park and the Tonto National  Forest, parking in a small lot at McDowell and Meridian Roads.  When we got there, I realized that I had been at this place before, when Pat and Roger and Connie and I hiked last year.  We had trouble determining what trails we were on back then, so just went out and back.  Today, we kind of went back and forth before figuring out how to cross a small canyon and which trail we wanted to be on but eventually got it right and hiked about 3.5 miles on a loop that took us south of where we had parked the car.  We ended up walking the last half mile on Meridian Road.  The trail was nice, the day weather was perfect and we had a nice hike.

Yesterday, after being asked to help a neighbor out, I went to Joe's house to video him for an application for a seeing eye dog.  The application process requires him to provide a video of him walking so they can see his gait and how steady on his feet he is.  This will help them to place the right size dog with him.  I also have to video him in an interview with questions that they have provided - we will do that part next week.  Once he is approved, he will go to Palm Springs for a month of training with his new companion, he has hopes for a Standard Poodle.  An interesting project to say the least, and a great way to help a friend out.

I went to TGIF on Friday night and had a nice time with the locals and also got up in time on Saturday morning to go have coffee at the clubhouse.

Connie and I went to Gilbert on Saturday afternoon, did some window shopping and then had a glass of wine and bruschetta at Postino's.  I love that place.

I topped the weekend off with a nice conversation with Ben.  Life is good.