Tuesday, January 5, 2016

January 4 - 10, 2016, AZ

Tuesday, January 5.  This week brings us rain and more rain - for the next 5 days.  Maybe it's a good things that I am still a bit under the weather or the cloudy days would really be making me crazy. As it is, I feel cabin fever. 

I headed out this morning in search of a clothing consignment shop that a lady told me about.  I think I found it and I wasn't very impressed because the focus was on the younger generations - short, cropped tops, tight jeans, and spiked heels filled the racks.  I did find a bargain on an entry mat for my back door at Tuesday Morning - I love that store!  

Back at home, I baked a batch of Frisco's liver treats and he will be set for the next few weeks.

Friday, January 8.  This crud that I came down with on New Year's Day has been a roller coaster ride.  Most of the time, I have felt fully functional but with lots of head congestion and a rattling chest, but it continues in spite of all I am doing to make it go away; hot tea, honey, lemon, mucinex, saline rinse, lots of rest, etc.  One of these days, I will feel like me again.

I did one of my cleaning job yesterday and while I was there, 2 other neighbor's came by to see if I was interested in doing their homes too.  I now have 5 cleaning jobs, 4 mornings per month with 2 houses back to back and the fifth will be every 3 weeks.  I don't think I will take on any more.

Saturday, January 9.  Our little grandson, Owen, would be celebrating his 6th birthday today.  I can only imagine what a cute and sweet little boy he would have become.  Instead, I have relived his loss that took us all from elation to grief in just a matter of hours and I will wear my locket that contains a lock of his hair and his last ultrasound photo next to my heart all day.  Hopefully, he and Grandpa Mike and Uncle Casey are hanging out together in the spirit world and Dancing in the Sky.