Wednesday, April 20, 2016

April 18 - 24, 2016, AZ

Monday, April 18.  Connie left right after coffee this morning and I just relaxed and finished my coffee, enjoying the quiet of the morning.  I loaded up and was heading home by 11:00.  It was a nice weekend, too bad that Chuck and Kathy couldn't make it but hopefully, we can plan another getaway before too long.

Arlene and Sharka treated me to dinner at Lo-Lo's and a play at the Hale theater tonight.  We saw the Andrews Brothers - a comedy spin on a USO show, 1945, where the Andrews Sisters canceled so the 3 stage hands and a female guest singer did the show.  All of the plays I've seen at this theatre are great, the actors are talented and beautiful singers.  I bought a ticket to see "Diary of Ann Frank" in a couple of weeks.

Tuesday, April 19.  The high winds over the weekend sure made a mess of my patio and carport, so that was my project for today.

I spoke with a real estate agent today, a gal who turns a lot of properties in my community, and she felt that my price was too high ($14,000) and that the going rate for a house like mine is about $11,000, so I'm thinking I might just hold off again through the summer.  I had some interest from a couple who will retire in about a year and may be interested then - the sister to the people who live right behind me - they thought it would be nice to have adjacent properties, although they weren't ready to commit.

I heard from my dear friends, Rudy and Sonja that they will be coming to Las Vegas and would like me to join them at their timeshare hotel.  I quickly replied, Yes, since I won't be going to either Florida or Switzerland this year to visit them.  I'm so glad this will work out - I really don't like Las Vegas but will go just to see them.  Now, I have to find someone to keep my dog for a few days.  That all worked out fine, Kerry is willing to keep him for a few days, he and Princess are good buddies.

Friday, April 22.  I've spent 2 mornings this week cutting down my Octopus Agave that bloomed (the flower stem was about 15' tall, way higher than my roof) and then started to die.  This happens because all of the plant's energy goes to produce that flower.  It's hard to believe how big that thing grew in just 5 years.  After cutting all of the leaves from the trunk, it measured about 20" at the base.  The nice thing about that Agave is that it doesn't have any sharp edges on the leaves, only on the very tips.  After beating my body up from cutting, carrying, trashing, and digging, I had to go to the pool to sit in the hot tub - that really helped by body to feel better.