Friday, April 8, 2016

April 4 - 10, 2016, AZ

Thursday, April 7.  This week's big (and not good) news is that my brother-in-law, Tom, was found to have several blockages in his arteries, so will need to have angioplasty and some stints.  This all came on because of an inflamed and painful big toe that had been misdiagnosed as gout, but actually has a blood clot and will now have to be amputated.  I'm praying that all goes well with him.

I cleaned 3 houses this week and then went back to Carl's to spot clean his carpet.  Carl is 90 years old, very clean and tidy, but has tried to clean spots on the carpet up with a foam cleaner and blots it with a dirty cloth, resulting in a dark path where he walks the most.  I think it cleaned up pretty well and he can hold off on commercial cleaning until the fall when he returns.  When I clean 2 in one day, it knocks me down and I really need a nap on those days.  Guess my age is showing a bit.  My cleaning jobs are running out for the season, I have 2 more this month and then I'm done.

I found the strangest thing in my front bathroom today.  I saw something black on the floor, a rectangle shaped cube that was about 2 inches long, that was partly under the door.  When I touched it, it disintegrated and was powdery.  I got some paper towels and couldn't pick it up in one piece because it didn't hold together - kind of like charcoal from a fire, although it didn't smell like it was burned.  I have no idea what it was or where it came from. Strange!

Friday, April 8.  I had a rough night of sleep last night.  Got to sleep just fine, but it started to rain and it got real windy around 11:00, then I tossed and turned the rest of the night and was awake at 5:00 this morning.  It smells so nice now, the birds are flitting around, happy as can be.

Arlene and I went to the Red Mountain Cafe for dinner tonight and I spotted this rainbow as we were leaving.  Gorgeous!

We then went to Castillo Nuevo for an Elvis Tribute show, thanks to Chris for the invite.  The show was good, Elvis was looking pretty good, and he definitely had a voice and some of the moves.  His 17 year old daughter also sang a couple of tunes, and she has some talent too.

Sunday, April 10.  Happy birthday to my dear friend, Susan - the first in my circle of classmate friends to turn 68 this year. I hope we all have many more to celebrate.

Last night was my community's last fling for the winter - things slow down to a crawl around here during the summer.  We had an excellent Mexican Fiesta.  Joe made chicken tortilla casserole to serve 90 people, Mary made Tacos,  Lois made a huge salad, Kathy and I made Spanish Rice, and we all pitched in to chop onions, tomatoes, lettuce and peppers for the tacos and dinner was a giant success.  We did kind of overestimate on the food, as ther was a lot left over and we will have another dinner to share with a small group in the future.  The band, 2 young guys playing mostly current country music were great musicians but not the best at the dance tunes that we all like so much.  Regardless, I did quite a bit of dancing and got on the floor for my first ever electric slide and it was sure lots of fun.  A very good night.