Thursday, August 25, 2016

August 22 - 28, 2016, MN

Thursday, August 25.  I knew this was going to be a bit hectic and it has.  I had all 3 girls on Monday and Wednesday and we even succeeded in having outings to the park and I managed to get them all in the van, buckled up and they stayed near me while walking and at the park.  Charlotte has been a bit help, especially by setting a good example and then Norah and Camille are just interested in being like her.  

Tina (the Nanny) spent her last day with them on Tuesday, so I went to see a few subsidized apartment buildings.  The first two were about a 15 minute drive but both have 20-24 month waiting lists and the changeover isn't real quick, like 15 a year.  I attempted to visit a senior community with garden homes but my GPS led me astray, I drove 20 miles too far and never did find the place.  A couple of places were in construction zones and I didn't feel like stopping there, although I probably should another time.  They were also in a very busy part of Edina near the Southdale Mall and would be convenient to shopping, but I'm not sure I really care that much about that.  The last place that I stopped at was discouraging, as it appeared to be more for assisted living type arrangements, like 80-90 year olds.

I think I'm going to just focus on the neighborhoods that I would like to be in and maybe use a rental management resource.

Charlotte went to spend the night with Granny and Papa, so I have been in demand a little bit less.  I took them for special treats this morning - an ice cream cone.  Both chose blue and I'm not Ben sure what the flavor is, just blue.

Friday, August 26.  It has been a quiet and mellow day with Norah and Camille. Both have been in great moods and have been very cooperative with the exception of a meltdown by Camille at nap time this afternoon.  She forcefully took a ring from Norah, I made her give it back and she went berserk because she wanted it.  When she wouldn't stop screaming, I put her on her bed and she settled right in, listened to a couple of stories and drifted off to sleep.  Boy, a 2-year old sure does get agitated when she doesn't get what she wants.

We are preparing for Charlotte's 5th birthday party tomorrow (her actual birthday falls on Labor Day weekend). It will be held at an art studio, all of the guests will paint a picture on a canvas and take it home with them when they leave.  It should be a fun time.

The sentencing trial for Travis Standlee, the slug who murdered my brother, Ray, is scheduled for Monday and he is facing 50 years.  I spent some time this afternoon writing an impact statement to be read at the hearing.  It is always difficult to lose a family member, but the way that Ray died was brutal and I hope the man gets all 50 years of the sentence.  He goes on trial in October for the death of Sharon Mead, murdered just 6 days after he killed Ray, a day after he was let out of jail because they didn't feel like they had sufficient evidence. He deserves another 50 years for her murder.

Saturday, August 27.  Birthday party day for my little birdie girl.  She is all about the birds the days, her favorite is the Peacock and the theme is definitely birds.  We went to 
and 10 of her friends were invited.  They started by choosing a canvas, getting a painting lesson and making their own creation.  That was followed by snacks and cupcakes and dress up.