Friday, March 31, 2017

March 27 - 31, 2017, AZ

Friday, March 31.  This week has been a whirlwind - busy, busy, busy.  The time I have had a home has been spent packing, cleaning, sorting, organizing and a bit of yard work.  The rest of the time,  I cleaned 2 condos, worked 2.5 hours on Tuesday on the community directory, had Jim and Sue over for a drink, joined them for music on the patio and a drink, chatted and read a story to Arlene, the usual walks with Frisco and that all led up to today.

Jim, Sue, Tom and I went to Gold Canyon this morning and hiked the Heiroglyohic Trail, a total of about 3.5 miles out and back.  A front came through her yesterday and brought some high winds and a drop in temperatures (65-70 degrees) making for a comfortable hike.  The scenery is just so pretty as the Trail takes you up in elevation and into a canyon that was home to early settlers.  The evidence is on the walls and there are huge boulders and some good sized pools of water.  I was surprised to see many families with little kids hopping around on the rocks, I guess it makes sense to get them started early in life in hopes of giving them an appreciation for our natural world.

And then tonight, we all went to Simpletons for dinner.  Jim and Sue came in for a glass of peppermint and then we said our goodbyes - until we meet again back in Wisconsin some time this summer.