Monday, April 3, 2017

April 1 - 2, 2017, AZ

Sunday, April 2.  Back to yesterday, Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary to my dear sister, Rita and her husband, Dennis. They were married in St. Ann's Chapel in Stoughton. I remember it well, well, sort of - that was a long time ago.

I remember telling Sue how I was looking forward to a "do nothing" Saturday. Well, that didn't happen because right after I said this, my phone rang and it was Arlene asking if we were still planning to go to the Commemorative Air Force Museum on Saturday. Guess I forgot all about it.  We did go and it was very interesting.  Our docent, Bill, had good stories to tell and it made me think of how much Mike loved World War II history and airplanes and his experiences in the Navy.  After that, we met Marilyn and Karin at Tom's BBQ for lunch - and then I had a "do nothing" part of the day.

   F-4 Hornet, the plane that Mike landed on an aircraft carrier during his Navy days.

The B-17, Sentimental Journey, that flies around here. I love the sound of it. My favorite mountain, Red Mountain, in the background.

And today, I had told Connie that I would help her prune her lemon tree - what a job that was.  There were some dead branches that had to come off and they were 3 inches in diameter. We both took turns sawing and got it.  Then came the hauling part - and wouldn't you know - the trash dumpsters were jammed full and we could hardly get our stuff in there. We managed, but had to leave about 2 more trips to haul at a later date.

Back home, I got busy with more packing. Tom brought the newspaper over and we got to talking and talking. I was getting sleepy, so excused myself and when I looked at the clock, I couldn't believe the time - it was almost 4:00 and I was guessing around 2:30.  There was no taking a nap at that point, so I busied myself getting the house cleaned up and ready for tomorrow's company - Randy and Julie.  Yay!