Wednesday, April 12, 2017

April 10 - 16, 2017, AZ

LTuesday, April 11.  The calendar is full of activities this week in preparation for my upcoming trip to MN, cleaning jobs - my last for the season, a medical appointment, haircut, and getting together with friends before I leave.

Yesterday, I cleaned Carl's house and then the closet in the guest room and cabinets in the bathrooms and cleaned up the dried up stems in the Aloe Vera in the yard.  I fell sleep on the couch after that and when I woke up again, I just couldn't completely wake up - I felt like a wet noodle the rest of the afternoon - guess I just needed a few hours of down time.

I cleaned Jim and Shirley's house today, got home and took a shower and headed to my very first ever appointment with a dermatologist to check on a little raised bump that I have on my right cheek.  That bump is nothing to worry about, but he applied liquid nitrogen to freeze several other spots that I consider to be age spots - actually pre-cancerous spots. Considering what my body is like, I will probably have to follow-up with other visits.

Several of my close friends (Jan and Jim and their daughters Jodie and Jeannie, Connie, Bruce and Carmen, and Chuck and Kathy) went to Garcia's this afternoon to celebrate Jan's birthday and then she told our waitress that we were celebrating Kathy's and my birthday too, so they all sang for us and brought out some fried ice cream for us.  There was great conversation and lots of laughter, as usual. It was great to have Chuck and Kathy join us, as he has been undergoing a year of radiation and treatment for brain tumors - I haven't seen him as often as I should have.

  Kathy, Chuck, Carmen, Jan, Connie, Bruce, .Me, and Jim

Friday, April 14.  My days are filled with cleaning for clients, cleaning cabinets that are emptied, and sorting through the last of the objects left in the house, deciding whether to haul them in my car, pass them on to someone, or trash them.  I learned on Wednesday that my UBOX has left Mesa and is headed for Minneapolis. Wow, this chapter of my life is coming to a close, but it's just time to turn the page and start the next one.  Getting to this point has taken 3 years since I first came up with the plan and I'm still feeling like it is the right choice for my future.  Onward and forward.

Tom treated me to dinner at Olive Garden on Wednesday night and it was a really nice time.  We always have lots to talk about and a lots of good laughs too.  We decided to road trip together next week since we are both heading in the same direction, going through KC, and are flexible with routes and timing.  He is heading east to explore the D.C. area, with a stopover in Northeast Kansas, and I will be stopping in KC for a few days with Rita and Bob before heading north to Minneapolis.  It will be nice not to have to travel alone this time.

Chris and Norm took me out for fish fry at Tom's BBQ tonight, I think they have the best fish I've had around here.  We had a nice visit and will probably hook up for a camping trip when we all get back up north.

Our final Community Club board meeting for the season was held on Thursday afternoon and we won't meet again until November.  I am passing on my Secretary notebook full of minutes and bylaws to the President for the summer.  Yay! I'm hoping to find a replacement for next year.

Sunday, April 16.  I had a delicious Easter dinner with Nan, Dale, Monica and Mike and Menchu today.  I'm so glad that it worked out that I could see them one more time before I leave for the summer.  We always have great conversation and good times together.

Arlene had several friends and family over for dinner Saturday evening and it always amazes me how well she does with a meal in spite of her visual impairment.  They surprised me with a gift of a coffee mug for my birthday and going away.  At one point, the decibel level in the room was getting so loud from all of the animated talk and laughter that someone pointed it out.  Another delightful evening with good friend. I will be missing them for a few months.