Sunday, March 4, 2018

March 1 - 4, 2018, AZ

Sunday, March 4. Thursday was our day to check out some of the hiking trails in the park. After a visit to the Discovery Center to learn about the area, we took the Roadrunner trail that went along the lake, past a couple of day use areas and a huge boat ramp. We learned that there is primitive camping along the shoreline in many areas - you just pull over and park it, but have no hookups or restroom facitilities.  It was a nice walk, about 4 miles.

   Time for a break.

    Full moon over the marina.

On Friday, we took a drive to explore some of the other campgrounds and then drove out Castle Hot Springs Road until the pavement ended at the northern border of the park.  We continued on the dirt road, as Tom remembered a resort back there and wanted to see if it was still there.  And yes, it is a really cool setting that entertained several of our past presidents, the last was JFK when he was recovering from a war injury.  The sign said that it was reopening in October of this year - might be a great place to check out in the future. I did an online search and it said that 200,000 gallons of 120 degree water comes out of the hot springs daily.

   Castle Hot Springs Resort

    Castle Hot Springs Road

We stopped at a little corner bar and grill, the Wild West Saloon and had a beer and a burger on the way back home.

After breakfast on Saturday morning, we drove to the Wild Burro trailhead and started our hike from there, a 4-mile hike out and back that provided us with some great views, a couple of stops on the shoreline so Frisco could wet his feet and slurp up the cool, clear water.

Monica came out and joined us for dinner and a campfire in the evening and we had some great conversation.  Life is a challenge for her these days, as her Dad (my brother Rick) has decided to discontinue treatment for his cancer, and he lives far away in 

Missouri.  Also, her husband left this week for a work assignment in Puerto Rico for the next 6 weeks. I feel bad for her and hope we gave her some reassurance and at least a shoulder to lean on for a while.

Today would be my brother, Rocco's 69th birthday, may he Rest In Peace.  It's hard to believe that he has been gone from us for 16 years now.

It was also pack up and leave day, we were on the road about noon, after waiting in line for to empty the tanks for almost an hour.