Monday, July 23, 2018

July 23 - 29, 2018, MN

Friday, July 27.  Another week? How can it be? Before going to pick Camille up on Tuesday, we went to the Elm Creek Preserve and did about a 3-mile out and about hike. Another beautiful hiking spot within just a few miles of 'home'.  Then, in the afternoon after running a few errands, I headed for Ben's house to pick up a very excited Camille for her 2-night stay with us.  The day was warm with an expected cool down coming over the next 2 days, so we headed straight for the pool after dinner. It was already starting to cool down (and I am a true hot-weather pool fan), but we managed to swim and play for about an hour. We checked that activity off the list.

    There's a burglar trying to enter the historic Pierre Bottineau house. Shame on him!

Wednesday's weather was iffy all day long with bits of rain, wind, and clearing. We headed to the Elm Creek Nature Center and Camille enjoyed seeing the amphibians (we had just read a book about them) and was very curious about the taxidermy. She kept asking, "is this real? Is it really real? Is it Dead? Is it a statue?" I gave her as little information as I could to satisfy her curiosity and didn't encourage further explanation and that must have satisfied her.  We tried to walk the nature path but the bugs were awful.

    Camille's photography.

    Camille's photography.

Thursday morning after breakfast, we headed to the town center and saw a kid's music group called Kid Power and it was a fun, lively, interactive group. Camille was a bit shy but she said that she liked it.  Back at the KOA, we played on the playground, had some lunch, and then it was nap time.  When she woke up, we headed back to her home.

And Tom and I went to Old Southern BBQ for food and beer. Kidless again until Sunday!

Saturday, July 28.  The cool morning on Friday helped us decide to go for a hike, this time at Fish Lake. It was a beautiful walk, about 4-miles completely around the lake with nice, cool pathways and decent views. The only drawback was a mile-long stretch that ran parallel to the freeway. Another beautiful hike!

    Oh No! A true sign that fall is not far away when the Sumac starts to turn colors!

This morning, I had to satisfy my itch to go to a few garage sales.  They were pretty slim picking, but I did find a good deal on some dolls for the girls to play with.  

When I got back home, Tom and I headed to Rogers to get some groceries in preparation for Charlotte's upcoming visit - there must be plenty of healthy snacks around to keep her happy and content.