Sunday, February 24, 2019

Saturday, February 23, MN, AZ

I got an email from Delta Airline yesterday, notifying me that the prediction of blizzard conditions in the Midwest (8-10 inches of snow and 40+ mile-per-hour winds) could affect my flight that is scheduled for tomorrow at 2:30. So, this morning when I checked the weather and the advisories, I decided to change my flight and was able to get on an 8:00 pm flight today, so I took it.  

I stayed home while Ben took the girls to gymnastics and did some laundry and cleaned the bathrooms (one less job for Jill to worry about). She and I had an opportunity to have a nice conversation while the house was quiet and we had no interruptions.

Ben and I played a game of UNO while the kids played school (guess who was the teacher) and then he and I went to George and the Dragon for an early dinner before he took me to the airport. I’m feeling very fortunate that he and I have had some good opportunities for conversation and hanging out together.

There were no lines getting through security and I got right to my gate without a hitch. My flight took off on time and we landed in Phoenix about 15 minutes early. Tom was there to pick me up and it felt good to be back in AZ.