Thursday, February 28, 2019

Wednesday, February 27, AZ

Happy 70th Birthday to my man, Tom! And I think it was a very nice day for him. I fixed him a nice breakfast and then we went on a 2.5-mile hike on the Meridian Trail. The sun warmed up to about 70 while we were out and continued the climb to about 75 that day.

 The desert is quite green after all of the rain we have gotten this winter.

I managed to pull off the surprise birthday party until an hour ahead of time, when I had to get the supplies from the trailer and my car over to the game room which I had reserved for the event. It was then that I told him about the party and he was thankful that I didn’t just spring it on him (gave him a chance to clean up after our hike). Pat and Roger and Jim and Sue met me at the game room and we set up the food and a few decorations. Tom’s 2 sisters (Geri drove in from Blythe, CA and Joyce flew in from Colorado Springs) surprised him at the trailer and then joined the rest of us. As the evening went on, we were joined by Tom’s daughter, Trina, his son Chaney and grandson Lakin, former coworkers Ron and Mary and Manuel and Linda, and our friends Connie, Rhonda, Terry and Pat. It all made for some good laughs and conversation and some funny gifts too.