Thursday, February 7, 2019

Thursday, February 7, 2019, AZ

Well, it has been another busy week for us.  Some days pass and we can’t even say what went on.

Last weekend when we were having dinner with Pat and Rog and Jim and Sue, they all said that the would like to see Arlene again.  So, I arranged for us to meet for lunch and Red, White and Brew - thinking that if we met up at 1:00, we would miss the business lunches and it might be a bit more quiet - not as much as a challenge for Arlene’s hearing aids.  Tom and I picked her up and we had a wonderful lunch - she was so appreciative to get together with a group of friends.

This morning, as I was leaving to take Frisco for a walk, our rug slipped from under me and I came crashing down on the hard concrete, landing on my butt.  What the heck? I think there may have been some frost on it, as there sure was on the car windshields.  I didn’t feel any effects of the fall.

Our park is divided into 4 quadrants and ours is responsible for the events for February, all pulled off by volunteers.  Tom and I helped serve coffee and donuts at the weekly meeting this morning and then cleaned up after. Easy, peasy.

After much calling and searching, I found a source for the 2nd Shingrix shot that I need.  The pharmacies out here in AJ have waiting lists of 300+ but I found a Walgreens on Southern and Stanley had it.  After the meeting this morning, we headed out and stopped there first so I could get my shot (I got the first one back in August from my doctor).

We then headed to Peoria to an RV show and looked at several floor plans. Most of them had add-ones that we weren’t interested in - outdoor kitchens, bunk beds, insufficient storage, and huge
u-shaped dinettes.  On the way home, we stopped at LaMesa to check out the Winnebago Minnie’s. Nice units, but a bit o the heavy side for us.