Saturday, July 6, 2019

Saturday, July 6, 2029, MN

OK, I have Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to catch up on. Have I written how good it feels to be settled? 

On Wednesday, we got our picnic table positioned where we want it on our site, swept the pad and rolled out the rug, washed the road dirt off of the windows, and took walks to become familiar with our surroundings. The neighborhood is quite nice, a typical midwestern neat and tidy community with large green lawns, mature trees, and the beautiful Mississippi River rolling by. The road leading to the RV Park takes us along a well-kep cemetery with huge Oak trees and then through a mobile home park where the homes are older but well cared for. The RV park has about 85 sites in which about half of the residents are working folks. Our immediate neighbors behind us and across the street have children and right behind us are two kids and three huge dogs, the man of-the-house is off working during the day and consuming large amounts of beer at night. Not every night, but it seems to be a regular thing - not noisy or rowdy - just working folks lifestyle. There are quite a few Trump flags flying and trucks with flags and stickers - guess we will have to keep our mouths shut. 

Once the rain stopped on the 4th, we were able to get outside and the planned, although delayed, 4th of July parade went through. We grilled some bratwurst, had some adult beverages, and had a low-key celebration.

I got up Friday morning and headed for the Park Nicollet Clinic in Rogers to have my blood work done in preparation for my annual physical next week. After that, I stopped at McDonalds for some breakfast and coffee and did some shopping at Target.

This afternoon, we took a drive to check out a couple of area parks.  Nearby, Montissippi County Park has some nice looking hiking trails and about 15 miles from here, the Bertram Chain of Lakes Park has about everything you would want in a park; hiking trails, swimming beach, and a YMCA Camp that is well equipped for youth activities. We came across a beautiful swimming pool that is equipped with water features and a slide, so we stopped to talk with the manager and learned that it is open to the public on the weekends.  It looks like a good possibility for the grandkids.

We took one of the hikes and ended up walking abut 2.6 miles - a very nice hike on a spectacular day.