Sunday, July 14, 2019

Sunday, July 14, 2019, MN

Happy Birthday to my sweet niece, Monica!

This is another instance of having to backtrack and try to remember the past four days.  So I’ll start off with Friday. Frisco got the tube removed from his ear this morning and it looks good. The vet told me that the surgery appeared to be successful but there still appeared to be some infection in the ear canal. The antibiotic regimen will continue for another 10-day cycle and the cone can come off.

I went to Ben’s for a sleepover - a good way to hang out with the family. Norah got to sleep with me this time - she got the first turn because she missed out on her 2nd turn when I left a day early from my visit in February. I got there in time to walk over to get the twins after school, give them snacks and read for a bit, then played outdoors until Ben got off work. Their reading skills have improved so much in the past few months. They are sounding out words and are able to read some of the beginner books well.

Norah and Camille - a bit tired after a day at school.

Ben fixed flank steak tacos and rice and Jill made a tasty Guacamole. After dinner, I played with Charlotte until Camille and Norah finished showers and then Norah and I read a story and I tucked her in. I hung out with Ben for a while before retiring for the night myself.

On Saturday morning, Norah and I got ready for the day and then we walked Frisco around the block, actually Norah walked Frisco the whole time. She did great and I told her that she did so well that she could be a pro when she got a bit older, but she said she wouldn’t want to because of the poop pickup part.  When we got back, Jill and Charlotte were getting ready to walk around the lake, so I changed my shoes and went with them. Charlotte is growing up so much. We had great conversations and she clipped right along the entire 2.8-mile walk.

Ben had a tasty breakfast of bacon, eggs, and blueberry pancakes ready for us when we got home. I hung around until about noon, then headed back home to Monticello.

Tom and I went to Beef O’Brady’s for dinner and then walked to the Community Center to listen to music in the parking lot. It is Monticello Riverfest weekend and this was one of many events going on. We heard Terry DuBois who did the first (very long) set and then we were tired of sitting and drinking beer by the time the headliner, The Fabulous Armadillos, started. We listed to a few of their tunes and then headed home. I guess we should have started a bit later than we did.