Thursday, October 24, 2019

Thursday, October 24, 2019, MN

The focus here over the last 2 days was in getting my internet hooked up. When I called to make the original arrangements, it was going to be a wait of 10 days before a technician could get here.  Had the previous tenant in this apartment had internet service, it could have been set up remotely but since she didn’t, a technician was necessary and the cost was $45 more than a remote install.  

An appointment was scheduled for the 9am to 1pm window.  When nobody showed up by 1pm, I called to check and learned that I was on the schedule, they were a little late.  By 6pm, I was convinced of a no-show, called and a follow-up was underway. A technical called a while later and assured me that someone would be here in the morning.  

This morning, a technician called around 9:30 to say he would be here by 11. That was a good thing, since I had an appointment at Costco for new tires at 2pm. Eleven came and no-show, 12:00 came and no-show, and 1:00 came and no-show. This sucks!  I got through to the call center and expressed my disappointment and asked for supervisor intervention and told them they have one more opportunity - 3 strikes, they are out. We shall see what tomorrow brings.

My Costco tire install went well and their customer service more than made up for my earlier experience with Upstream internet.