Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Tuesday, October 22, 2019, MN

A week and a half is a long break from updates and now to remember back to the highlights is a challenge.

On Friday, the 11th I packed a bag and went to have a sleepover with Ben and the girls. Jill went to visit her Grandma in Iowa and Saturday’s calendar of events for the girls had some overlaps with soccer, play dates, and gymnastics. Norah wasn’t feel well and threw up several times (Ben was feeling like she had somehow eaten gluten, as she is quite sensitive) so we weren’t sure how she would be the next day. We had the usual relaxing pizza and movie night - a slow pace because the kids are glued to the TV and Ben and I could have conversation and enjoy a beer.

We woke up in the morning to snow covered rooftops and a dusting on plants and bushes, so soccer was the first cancellation, then Norah’s invitation with a friend, followed by a kindergarten gathering in the park. So, gymnastics was it - way more manageable than the original plan.

Last week, the new loveseat that I ordered from Amazon arrived in a huge box delivered by UPS. It was hard to imagine a large piece of furniture fitting in that box. I proceeded to read the directions and assemble and it all came together in about 2 hours - there were no missing parts and the directions were clear. I’m impressed, although the quality isn’t top notch, it will be just fine for me. I arranged and rearranged many times before settling in.

The REALLY BIG highlight of last week was when I went to Costco to get new tires. The Michelin’s that I have now were warrantied for 90,000 miles and I have less than 40,000 on them, so they gave me a mileage warranty credit. The cost of the tires was $679 minus a mileage credit of $293, minus a Michelin credit of $110 (for a set of 4 tires), minus the cost of installation (warranty work), equaling $294 cost to me. I was shocked but certainly pleased that Michelin stands by their warranty and I will have good, safe tires for driving on wintry roads.

From there, I went to Ikea to shop for a new duvet cover for my bed and some accessories to go with it.  I also did some Facebook Marketplace shopping a picked up a couple of bar stools ($25) and bookshelves ($35), so the place is filling up and it is time to stop bringing in stuff - I have most everything that I need now.

I was able to get outdoors and go for some nice walks in both directions along the Mississippi River, the walking and biking path is about 3 blocks from where I live.  We also went to Hidden Falls Regional Park on Sunday for a nice walk. We never did see the falls, as the trail to them is closed due to high water.