Monday, January 13, 2020

Monday, January 13, 2020

My weekend was low key, especially Saturday when I didn’t leave home except for Frisco walks. I had planned to groom him, including a bath, but he was having intestinal problems again, having to go out more frequently, so I started feeding him chicken and rice and put off the bath until today. He seems to be doing much better today.

I went to a couple of estate sales yesterday morning and it was like going back in time. Both homes were probably built in the 1920s or so and neither had been upgraded to today’s standards.  One was the home of a local hockey star from the 1950s The flooring and wallpaper were dated and the objects for sale were too - clothing, kitchen items, and toys from the 1950s and older. My only purchase was a can of Liquid Gold and one of leather treatment, both were on my shopping list.

I wanted to see Ben and family this weekend, so it worked out that Sunday afternoon/evening was going to be best for them. Jill’s parents came over too and we all had a nice time hanging out. We had Jill’s Grandma Quinn’s Mulligan Stew and blueberry muffins for dinner and Ben made a delicious flourless chocolate cake and served it with Raspberry sauce - no complaints from me on the dinner or the company for that matter.

We drove back home in the snow - only a light dusting but I thought it was slick. The other drivers around me didn’t seem to be bothered as they cruised down the freeway at the speed limit. Not me - guess I’ll stick to the city streets in the future.

Guess what my project for today was - giving my wood furniture and leather seats on my dining room chairs a much needed cleaning, polishing, and treatment. The Liquid Gold just soaked in, I hardly had to be concerned with buffing off the excess.