Monday, January 27, 2020

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Friday night, I sat here in anticipation, waiting for Tom’s call that he was ready to be picked up at the airport. I watched the progress of his flight, watched a couple of Frankie and Grace episodes, read, took a shower, and tried to nap until his call came in about 11:15. The drive to the airport is about 10 minutes and it sure was exciting for us both.  Naturally, we were up until about 2am talking and unwinding.

A text from Ben on Saturday morning inquiring as to our plans for the weekend ended up in deciding that Tom and I would go out for dinner that evening and the family would come over and join us for lasagna on Sunday.  We went to Lucky’s 13 in Mendota, just across the River from my apartment complex. The parking lots and streets were full of vehicles, so we were not quite sure if we would have a long wait, but it turned out to be a wedding party in a different part of the building and we were seated immediately. I chose the Minnesota Bowl that was wild rice, jasmine rice, corn, carrots, mushrooms and onion topped with a nice sized piece of blackened walleye topped with hollandaise sauce - very tasty! Tom was a little disappointed in the fish and chips, he said they didn’t have much flavor and the fries were soggy. 

We planned to meet up with Ben and Jill and the girls at the St Paul winter festival this afternoon. Tom and I got there, found a parking spot and walked a couple of blocks to Rice Park where the ice sculpture competition was held. We were both a bit disappointed, expecting much bigger sculptures but those that we saw were pretty detailed.  Other than the sculptures, there were food and drink vendors, a huge warming house, and some live music, but we got cold and decided to leave, sending a text to Ben to tell him to meet us at the apartment instead of Rice Park. 

Ben and the family stayed long enough for the girls to pose for a photo and then they headed to my apartment to join us for dinner.

We had a nice dinner and a good visit with the family and then it was time for them to get home and prepare for school and work in the morning.