Monday, January 20, 2020

Sunday, January 19, 2020

A big storm came through here yesterday with about 6 inches of snow, high winds, and a big drop in temps. It was -7 when I walked Frisco yesterday morning. The ground is covered with clean white snow once again. It was starting to look bad, with all of the dog pee and dirty snow. The ice, cold, or salt is starting to be problematic for his feet, so I have been washing his feet good every time we come in from outdoors. I need to pick up dog food on Monday, so will also get something to protect his feet.

I ended up working for 3 hours yesterday as one of the other techs got rear-ended in the storm and couldn’t make it in. So I met and worked with Raphael, the new Pharmacy Manager and that all went well. Sometimes they go through the training so quickly that I miss a lot or don’t get the complete picture. But I’m learning and feeling like it will be a fun job. I also worked my first 6-hour shift today.

Ben invited me to join them for chili this evening and that turned out to be very nice. I had an opportunity to have a nice talk with him and Jill while the twins played together nicely. Jill and I polished their fingernails and then we watched “The Little Prince” movie. But only until I was getting the glare from Frisco - his time to go out for his final potty break - and so I left before the movie was finished,