Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

And now to reconstruct once again. Our days have been busy, but at a comfortable pace. We have managed to get decent 2+ mile walks in each day and the weather has cooperated. We have had very little snow, a light dusting last Friday but none since then. Over the weekend, the temps got up to a bit above 40 degrees on Sunday.

On Saturday, we took a drive to Monticello to Swan Park where the Trumpeter Swans spend the winter on the Mississippi River in an area where the river doesn’t ice over because of a nearby power plant. The city made a little park and parking area where you can observe the many swans, Canada Geese, and some local ducks. Frisco made a friend and they wrestled and played while Tom and I had a nice conversation with his owner who is a novice photographer, there to get some good pictures of the swans. I was impressed, having seen these magestic birds only once before as a pair was migrating through the Stoughton area.

When we left there, we headed to Montissippi Regional Park where we had walked several times last summer and really enjoyed the circular trail through the woods. The temperature was comfortable and it was a very enjoyable walk.

Other than a nice walk along the Mississippi River Road trail on Sunday, we stuck around and then watched the SuperBowl in the evening with a $1 bet that that I won when the Kansas City Chiefs won the game. I’m not a big fan but was certainly cheering them on behalf of my Missouri family who are all big fans.

This afternoon, we walked a trail along the Minnesota River and got a good 3.2 mile walk in. Frisco was a trooper and made it the entire walk without tiring. He even got all frisky when we walked into the apartment and he ran to grab onto a toy, happy to be back home,