Saturday, April 18, 2020

Saturday, April 18, 2020

This is my 5th week of ‘safer at home’ and I have felt a little bit stir crazy this week, more than in the past weeks. I feel fortunate that I am one of those people who are very comfortable living by myself, although that is not my preference at this time. It also has made me realize that I have someone who cares for me, wants to be with me, and that I and Tom should be together, especially during a time like this. Live and learn, right?

We have gone back to wintry weather this week, here in the Tundra, with temps in the 40s but dipping way down in the 20s at night. Today was the first day that I really felt like going for a walk, and I did just that, getting almost 2 miles in. Still, along Mississippi River Rd, there were too many people out and about and it took some effort to remain distanced from folks.

Some tulips from my Friday walk.

Late this week our ‘?!”$#’ president started pushing hard to get the economy moving again, in spite of the numbers of Coronavirus cases still climbing and deaths rising every day.WE HAVE TO VOTE HIM OUT IN 2020!  Testimonials from those who have survived convince me that this is so much more than just the flu and it knocks you down hard and beats you up. Testimonials from nurses and doctors warn that this is nothing to mess with - that a patient can seem like they are handling it and they turn around and find them dead. Bodies are building up faster than funeral homes can handle them. Nationally there are 691,000 cases and 35,000 deaths as of today. We are now seeing that about half of the cases have now recovered, although the numbers aren’t accurate as they represent the number of documented cases only - many people are at home and have not been tested but are terribly ill from it.

Governor Walz announced yesterday that some businesses and golf courses could be opened up, providing that golfers practice safe distancing. Well, this morning when I walked Frisco, I saw 4 guys loading their golf bags into the back of a Toyota Corolla, and then they all piled into the car and headed off to the golf course. Now, is that an example of social distancing? I think not.

During my afternoon Grandparent time with my granddaughters, I was the student and they were the teacher. Camille taught me how to make an Origami doggy and the next day Norah taught me how to make an Origami kitty. They are getting good at providing details and describing what the steps are.

I have seen 2 old friends on FaceTime this week - Jim and Connie. It is so much nicer to see folks from a video than not at all. Tom and I have had regular video chats since we discovered Google Duo. For me, life is good - I am healthy, Tom is healthy, and all of my friends and family are healthy and I know of nobody who has gotten the virus. I just knocked on wood.