Friday, August 7, 2020

Friday, August 7, 2020

Where has another week gone? Again, we fill our days and before we know it, we’re making dinner and settling in for the night. We continue to get decent walks in every day, taking different routes in order to not get bored.

I went to Ben’s Wednesday afternoon and hung up with girls for a while. They had already been on an outing with Ben so we just played with Zootopia characters and Barbies. I’m going to pack as many hangouts in as possible for the next two months.

I also learned that my cousin Jonnie’s granddaughter has had a tragic end to her life when I saw the following go fund me account on Facebook:

At age 23 Jaidyn Teubert dealt with personal struggles for years but for the last 18 months she had worked hard to straighten her life out and we were all so proud of her. She was clean, had a good job, her handsome son Alex and baby Greyson due in 3 months. On Sunday August 2nd she had a cardiac episode that shocked us all. Baby Greyson died from the initial episode. Jaidyn was ambulanced to Stoughton hospital and then taken by med flight to Madison where she remained in a coma. The doctors in Madison stated that she had at least 3 cardiac episodes that they could tell and verified that she was still CLEAN. On August 4th the doctors gave the devastating news that Jaidyn could not breathe on her own. Her parents (Troy & Shellie) went up to say their goodbye's to her.  They have not only lost a grandson they didn't get to meet but also their daughter. I set this up to help them pay for the medical/funeral expenses for Jaidyn and baby Greyson and to also be able to set up an account for Alexavier, Jaidyn's 6 year old son.

I’ve been in touch with Jonnie and her family is struggling with this reality. Dang, it is so sad.

Tom and I took a walk along the trail that is bordered by Mill Street and the Mississippi River near downtown St Paul. We were fortunate to be able to watch the Mary Kay Cavarra Barge ship reposition it’s place on the river.

We walked under the High Bridge and the Wabash Street Bridge on our 2.5 mile walk, including a stretch where there were several metal bird sculptures that were pretty cool.