Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

I did no writing over the weekend, but I do have a Sunday event to write about.  We decided to do some exploring, so we headed for Taylor’s Falls and Interstate State Park to explore. The first indication that this might not be a good idea came when we pulled into the parking lot near the Visitor’s Center and saw the “Park Full” sign posted.  This lot gives you access to the Pothole Trail which was our destination. We drove back about a mile to the parking lot where we could access the River Trail that would get us to the Pothole Trail. I wouldn’t say that the trail was crowded, but we did have to move to the side many times to let others go by.  We probably should have opted to return on a different day to visit but since we were there, we took the rough, rocky, and hilly hike along the St Croix River, stopping at a few scenic overlooks. We didn’t make it to the Pothole Trail, as we are not accustomed to this type of hiking lately - most of our walks are on flat ground. It kind of felt like we were hiking back in Arizona.

I just had to post this one of Frisco, he was focused on what Tom had to say to him.