Monday, February 22, 2021

Monday, February 22, 2021

My weekend was pretty uneventful, there were a couple of ‘maybes’ that didn’t work out. Ben invited me to come to Maple Grove to watch the girls participate in a racing/skiing event in the annual Kidarod. I decided not to go, as my chances of actually picking them out in groups of other kids, all wearing green hats, was pretty slim.  I did get a chance to see them in a news clip later in the evening. I normally watch CBS news but there was no newscast on Saturday night, so I tuned into ABC and happened to catch the coverage of the event in Maple Grove. When the 3 little girls on a sled came into view, it sure looked like Norah and Camille and their friend Maren. Check it out: Norah and Camille at Kidarod They are pictured early in the clip and it is very short.

I really wanted to make sure before I shared the clip with anyone and I wasn’t able to access it until Sunday morning. I compared the girls to a picture that Ben sent me and it just had to be them. I sent it off to Ben and got confirmation from him. That was so cool!

We also considered a meet up with the family on Sunday, but they took an opportunity to ski and their day filled up.  

I picked up an Amarylis bulb at an after Christmas sale and have been watching it get taller and taller for the last few weeks.  And the flower bud opened up on Saturday morning and it is so stunning!  I love the brilliant red and I’m glad that a 3rd bud is taking its time to open and will prolong the beauty for a while.

Temps got to the mid 20s and Frisco and I got a nice walk in, to the sports complex and back home.

I found a couple of shelving units on Facebook Marketplace and headed out to pick them up this morning. As I walked to the house, I slipped on a patch of ice (looked like melted ice) and went right down on my ass, my head bouncing on the wet ice and I slipped and slid and finally got up - wet and a bit shook up but no injuries. Damn, I am fortunate!

Today’s news was about remembering the 500,000 lives that the United States has lost to COVID-19. What a sad, sad thing. Vaccinations are still difficult to get. I got a notification saying that they were offering appointments at Hy-Vee this week. I checked immediately after getting the email and again when I woke up during the night. I came soooooo close - I found an available appointment slot for the first and second vaccines, selected it and while the photo of my insurance card was uploading, I lost the opportunity. Dang! I’ll keep on trying.