Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

I have experienced true boredom these first ten days of February and have run out of projects and ideas for keeping busy. I continue to use up my stash of yarn making headbands, coasters, and dish. cloths - trying new patterns and stitches. I’ve brought out a puzzle that Lois gave me last winter but the box sits unopened on the table. I made some valentines to send to family, but didn’t feel like doing more once I had finished these, although I have lots of stitching card patterns.

The skies have been gray until yesterday and we are in the middle of an arctic blast of cold weather with temps around zero but hefty winds making for -15° at times.  It looks like this pattern will continue into next week. Brrrrrrr! Across the street from me is a building that has two wind socks on it, so I can get a good idea of the direction of the wind and go out the door of the building where I will be most protected.  Poor Frisco’s feet get cold and he starts to limp after just a few minutes, so our walks have been very limited. Most days I have done a fitness walk from a video that gives me at least a mile of walking and some upper body and aerobic exercise.

I made a huge pot of Cabbage Creole Soup and took half of it over to Ben’s family on Monday. It was a recipe from a gal that I met in Rockport, TX - she used to bring it to potluck dinners and I have always loved it, just haven’t made it in a while.  The girls are back in school in person, and I timed the delivery for when Ben and Jill could take a short break from their work. We had a short but nice visit without interruptions.

The girls have been taking cross country ski lessons and last week, Norah took first place in her class in a race (with almost a 3-minute delay between her and the rest of the group) and Charlotte came in third in her class of mostly boys. Camille was more interested in hanging with her friend, but she won a nice jacket in a drawing.