Monday, February 15, 2021

Sunday, February 14, 2021

A Polar Vortex has caused minus zero temperatures for the last week, the lowest that I saw was -14 this morning when I took Frisco out. He takes care of business quickly and we head back inside. I haven’t left the apartment in four days, other than brief potty breaks with Frisco.

I made it through the 8th anniversary of Mike’s passing and I can only describe it as being in mourning  - I am driven to look at photos and relive the events of his last 9 days. Some day, I will get past this and celebrate his life on his birthday instead of his dying.

I started out today by opening the two Valentines that I got from Tom and that started my day on a cheery note.  That was followed by a video from the girls, thanking me for the Valentines that I sent. Later in the afternoon, Tom and I had a duo chat and talked and talked and talked.  

During that conversation, I got a text from Ben asking if I was interested in a delivery of chili for my dinner. So the family saw my apartment for the first time and we had a nice visit followed by a tasty bowl of chili and 2 chocolate dipped strawberries that the girls helped to make.