Sunday, March 6, 2022

Sunday, March 6, 2022, MN

I have spent the past week settling back into my apartment and getting back into my regular routine.  I went grocery shopping on Thursday and it cost me over $200 to restock (including some pricey items like wine and beer). The nice thing was loading it into my new refrigerator that was delivered while I was gone. And once again I am loaded down with some good, healthy choices in hopes of deleting the few pounds that I gained over the last month.

Ben texted me yesterday to see if I was interested in having the twins for a sleepover and I had been considering reaching out to him just before getting his text. Charlotte was having a sleepover and it is always nice when she and her friends aren’t interrupted by younger sisters.  It might make for a more relaxing night for Mom and Dad too - not so much for Grandma, although the girls were good and we had a fun night and watched the 1988 movie, Milo and Otis.

A regular activity at Grandma’s house.

There is no longer room in my queen size bed for the three of us, so it was Norah’s turn to sleep on the couch. She drifted off quickly, but Camille and I ended up saying goodnight, then talking again several times.  After the last goodnight, she looked up at the clock and announced “we have been talking for 49 minutes”, then turned on her side and fell asleep.

A good morning selfie for Mom and Dad

Our Sunday morning project was to teach them how to use a sewing machine and to make something for their American Girl dolls.  Norah’s choice was a cropped top and Camille’s was a long top. I had fabric left over from some Christmas projects so they had a few options to choose from.  They both did good with the sewing machine, learning how to hold the fabric and guide it through the needle and  how to regulate the speed.  Here is the outcome: